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  1. Hannibal Mejbri - Manchester United Player

    Monaco rejected 30M for Mbappe before he'd appeared for their first team IIRC. They would have done the same for Hannibal if he wanted to stay but as soon as it got made clear he won't play for them again, was only a matter of time a fee was agreed. Hannibal's family tried all sorts to get the...
  2. Hannibal Mejbri - Manchester United Player

    Yeah, the father spoke of "broken trust" between the club and the family due to something that happened with the mother and that Hannibal would never play for Monaco again.
  3. Is Pogba as good as gone?

    Lots of noise around Pogba renewing
  4. Jesse Lingard | 2019/20 Performances

    Anyone see what Schmeichel had to say on the latest MUTV group chat video/podcast? Can't see him be talking about anyone but J Lingz.
  5. Give your own special award to any utd player past or present. Who would get it and why?

    Best willow tree impersonator award goes to Fellaini
  6. Music Commercial Hip Hop Thread

    New Benny dropped today hard
  7. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    Just seen the death stare he gave Maguire at the drinks break after we conceded the first goal
  8. Full time Devils

    FTD got fecking Bobby Charlton on for a fancam. Their peak will always be higher and better than United Stand. Hopefully Stretford Paddock can get back to that.
  9. Full time Devils

    Well said
  10. 80 League Goals

    In 93/94 Milan won the league scoring 36 goals in 34 games and conceding 15.
  11. Nathan Ake

    Never been sent off for us! Despite the 5 two footers
  12. Full time Devils

    United Stand is definitely used by other fans to ridicule United so in that sense their target audience is football fans in general instead of just United fans. Outrage and clickbait is central to what they do. Happy with Stretford Paddock taking over Full Time Devils. I like their stuff and...
  13. Nathan Ake

    He 100% said "we need a left footed centreback, so just keep going"
  14. Centre Back... Who do we go for?

    Would take him as third choice as Bailly isn't very good and Tuanzebe can't be relied upon