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  1. Where do you rank Mason Greenwood as a talent?

    Another that comes to mind is Hernan Crespo with how he generates so much power with so little backlift.
  2. Manchester United vs Club Brugge

    :lol: Pretty sure there was a form that was getting altered back in the day when that laughable brochure came out.
  3. Daniel James | 2019/20 Performances

    It's nice having someone on the left willing to take some one on on the outside and whip in a ball for once.
  4. Paul Pogba | 2019/20 Performances

    Same. The uncertainty he brings makes it impossible to maintain a functional midfield.
  5. James Maddison

    I agree 100%. You want the guys who want to join you but go about it in the right way and don't act like unprofessional twats on the way out of their previous club. Especially when you pay wages that make a potential problem player difficult to shift if things go sideways. Cough, cough Rojo.
  6. Romelu Lukaku claims he was scapegoated with two other players at Manchester United

    :lol: I'll bet he's here by the time he hits 30. He'll probably have a fully American accent by then too :smirk:
  7. Andreas Pereira vs Jesse Lingard

    If you combined the two, you would have one hell of a player. Lingard is pretty good at everything but the end product and Pereira is all about end product but is so underwhelming from general play.
  8. Romelu Lukaku | Inter watch | Inter on twitter: "bUt LukAkU hAs nO fIRst toUcH"

    He's built so much like a NFL player and not a footballer or a rugby player. He has so much muscle mass but never seems to go through a cut phase to get the extra fat mass off. I remember some American journalist asking an NFL player who played in high school what they would have to do to...
  9. Wayne Rooney vs. Robin van Persie

    Rooney's short peak is why I'm going against the consensus and picking RVP. Rooney put up some good stats after that season, but they papered over so many indifferent to poor performances. I don't know what it was that stopped 09/10 Rooney from ever emerging again, but that was him at his...
  10. 'Tactical' fouls

    Oliver effectively took the rugby approach by tying the act to the team and not waiting for an individual player to accumulate enough infringements to be yellow carded. I want to say that is the solution to this issue, but is it enough punishment to deter it?
  11. Christian Eriksen | Signs for Inter

    Eriksen is about as low of a risk as you can take, and we can't afford to take many risks. We've had too many failures recently.
  12. Rules you would change about the Premier League?

    Agreed, few things infuriate me more than some wanker lying on the floor then hopping up immediately once players put the ball into touch or the referee reacts. The game badly needs a head injury assessment protocol similar to rugby where the player is replaced for 10 minutes with an...
  13. The Athletic “gutting” British newspapers

    Same here. The primary reason for that is that in American Football you primarily play for possession and only play for territory when you are on 4th down or long yardage situations. Contrast that with rugby where you are constantly balancing between the two on the fly without direct...