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  1. Joshua King | United offer confirmed by Eddie Howe

    They all seem to really rate him at least.
  2. Next Labour leader - Starmer and Rayner win

    Should not, would end up alienating a majority of consituencies again and ultimately irrelevant to the policies needed.
  3. Telegraph: Gary Neville calls for Ed Woodward to be sacked for Manchester United's 'unforgivable' recruitment

    Because we've tried the instant fix over and over with zero continuity, having recognised that we're clearly going in a new longterm direction, as painful as the results are at times. If we sack ed & ole a year into a rebuild project we're likely to just be go back to trying the instant fix...
  4. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    Only way half these players are going to get better is to keep playing them, right now we have a foundation of a young team coming together with DDG, AWB, Maguire, Lindelof, Fred, Mctominay, Greenwood, Rashford, Williams etc. Half the posters on here would have booted half that lot out, or have...
  5. Telegraph: Gary Neville calls for Ed Woodward to be sacked for Manchester United's 'unforgivable' recruitment

    Isn't that contradictory? get him the feck out ? after declaring theres no longterm plan and we react to everything? you want to react to short term results.. He's now trying to build the foundation of a new young team as much as instant results.
  6. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    Not sure if he's the longterm guy but right now i'd give him another year and summer window to get in another 2-3 players, majority of the team have improved individually from the last couple of years, we need a nucleus of a side put together and he seems to be doing that even if the results and...
  7. Next Labour leader - Starmer and Rayner win

    Doesn't matter who they go with, be it a blairite or the corbyn wing, until they realise their base is completely split between post industrial vs metropolitan constituencies, and work to rectify it they're doomed to spend the next decade in the wilderness. Somehow I think they've still no clue...
  8. Has political correctness actually gone mad?

    Man warned by Humberside police for liking anti-trans tweet. Humberside Police questioned a man for more than half an hour after he...
  9. NFL Thread

    6 rings baby.
  10. The Trump Presidency

    Come on fellas, there's literally a 2 hour video of the whole event up, one of the rare occassions you can watch and make your own minds up rather than relying on 10sec clips from partisan media, be it left or right leaning. Hint; its a nothing story.
  11. NFL Thread

    6 rings inc.
  12. Peterson, Harris, etc....

  13. NFL Thread

    Rams uniforms are so pretty. Sorry
  14. New Gillette ad

    46 out of 47 men displaying negative behaviour were white. Out of 7 in the ad displaying positive behaviour 5 were black. :lol:
  15. Obama's Legacy

    Did you even read my comment, I said "a" significant issue, not "the" issue or "the only" issue. Anyhow... we could talk about the increasing unrest of the whole western population at maintaining the status quo. Examples being Brexit in the UK, Hungary gone full far right, Poland, YellowVests in...