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  1. Amad “Traore“ Diallo

    I’m checking out for good, it’s clearly my time to go. Thanks for this space. Ciao all.:)
  2. Amad “Traore“ Diallo

    I’m amused, even amazed... life never stops surprising with its magnificent awkwardness :D
  3. Amad “Traore“ Diallo

    How old are you, 5 or 6? He is a kid, for which you paid €25m + €15m add-ons + 15% resale fee. Your accounting clerk probably wrote the number with one 0 too many.
  4. Amad “Traore“ Diallo

    because he is at ballboy level right now
  5. Champions League | Matchday 4

    Poor sods Real having to play CL games in their training camp, without the miedo escenico and clumsy referees a la Oliver? I feel for them. :wenger:
  6. Andrea Pirlo - Juventus manager

    Fairytale then? You know, it only means we win the CL....... fairytale, yes.:lol:
  7. Champions League | Matchday 4

    Real group tasty now with all four teams feeling some heat already.
  8. Andrea Pirlo - Juventus manager

    He is an absolute rookie as a manager and therefore an unknown quantity, but the consensus is Juve still need to pass the CL group stage and get a top 4 spot in Serie A to play CL next season, so his margin of error is relatively small. Yesterday’s away win vs the 3rd force in the group pretty...
  9. Andrea Pirlo - Juventus manager

    Yesterday win in Kyiv was vital and buys him precious time already: he must just pass the CL group stage for now and stay in contention in Serie A until the winter break. As for experimenting with tactics, as long as he reverts to an ordinary 4-4-2 without tinkering too much with the players’...
  10. What happened to the number 10?

    He is the player I love the most as a Juve fan, his “La Joya” nickname (The Jewel) just sums it up! All his goals are pieces of art and his left foot is magic. That said, he is not Ballon D’Or material, sadly. If you want an insult from me, he is a rich man Alvaro Recoba.:p
  11. What happened to the number 10?

    Well, Dybala is the nearest thing to Roberto Baggio we have playing at Juve these days but Baggio was infamously deemed a “9 and 1/2” (more a finisher than a creator) by the utmost Juve #10, aka his predecessor, “Le Roi” Michel Platini. Problem with #10s is they can only play in 4-3-1-2 /...
  12. Erling Haaland | Dortmund player

    The boy is a glorious tank already but any suitor needs to persuade (aka stash the $$$) his infamous agent first. :rolleyes:
  13. Champions League | Matchday 4

    :lol: This sums up the footballing day perfectly... just half 1/6 group stage matches and bored already.
  14. Champions League | Matchday 4

    He feels at home, which always makes wonders for sentimental boys like him.
  15. Italian Serie A - 2020-2021

    Wacky Races level of uncertainty with De Laurentiis / Dastardly bemoaning Napoli not gone to play Juve last week, hinting that they would have destroyed us on the pitch. Gattuso / Muttley nodded in agreement. :wenger: