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  1. India politics thread he's a fecking creep. fortunately his relatively poor hindi skills mean it'll be tough for him to go national.
  2. Manchester United vs Leicester City

    impressive half from diallo given how much some others are struggling with the intensity
  3. Most overrated 'world class' player?

    they persisted with some big names a bit too much (casillas, iniesta both well past their prime), and vidic/rio should have made it for 2007/8/9, but other than that it's fine.
  4. US Politics

  5. Laurence Fox to launch new UK (gammon) political party

    i'd have voted for this guy
  6. Dean Henderson | 2020/21 Performances

    on 1st viewing it maybe looks saveable, but the replay behind the goal shows it wasn't. arrow shot to the exact top corner. e - maybe a question of positioning, i can't judge that. but from where he was, nobody could save that.
  7. SARS CoV-2 coronavirus / Covid-19 (No tin foil hat silliness please)

    interesting timing for this
  8. Keir Starmer Labour Leader

    In Corbyn's case, I think it came from Labour MPs?
  9. Elon Musk's epic bacon adventures

  10. Keir Starmer Labour Leader

    i don't think this is a terrible strategy, but it will need boris to suffer a pretty bad fall to work. the party can produce rhetoric and maybe some policy to the right of the tories on some economic issues, and match them on the right on social issues, which should appeal to the lost voters. e...
  11. La Liga 2020/21

    what a finish to the match
  12. La Liga 2020/21

  13. La Liga 2020/21

    asensio sleeping on a loose ball with the keeper on the ground?
  14. La Liga 2020/21

    wouldnt want to be the ref making that call :lol: 1st handball was too harsh for a pen IMO, but without that handball madrid wouldn't have had the counter to score their pen. fairest thing would probably be to call a BS foul in the corner and give a free kick to Courtois.
  15. Elon Musk's epic bacon adventures