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  1. One player from the club's past to make a difference this season

    Carrick. Bruno is a certainty at 10, and Carrick has shown that he can play second fiddle, so it's a super-solid Carrick-Fred-Bruno midfield with Eriksen coming in for Fred if needed.
  2. Great United goals that are often forgotten

    Number 3 here: usually gets missed between the two bicycle kicks and what he did to Blackburn a year later, but it's my favourite of his:
  3. RW Options

    Wanted him during the original Sancho summer and was really disappointed to see Chelsea get him. He was very good for ajax in their cl run but very quiet at Chelsea. Still, a left footed warm body, can't believe there will actually be one at United...
  4. Zawahiri reportedly killed
  5. Zawahiri reportedly killed

    There were posts directly referencing 9/11 previously in this thread. And the reason drones operate, and the reason there is any direct US war effort in that part of the world, is 9/11. So I'm making the comparison for that reason. Finally, given that his organisation was supposed to be in bed...
  6. Zawahiri reportedly killed

    48k? that's only 16 9/11s, *the* singular nation-defining trauma! given the low value of human life in the rest of the world, it shows how enlightened the US is by not making it 480k.
  7. Paul Pogba - Juventus player

    Ralf for sure. With Jose he was good generally, especially the first season, but of course they hated each other. Under Ole he had the biggest variance. Excellent in the caretaker spell, very good return from injury at the end of the lockdown season, and very good performances from LW in the...
  8. English cricket 2022

  9. Alex Jones the conspiracy nutter

    Like his "gay frogs", the one about age of 1st period is something true wrapped in massive exaggeration/nonsense. No idea about the size thing though :lol:
  10. Benjamin Sesko | United want him | Raees has had a word & insulted him about his pace lol

    Would be funny if the orb of prophecy was spitting out transfer rumours
  11. Anthony Martial | 2022/23 Performances

    All that stuff might have been true upto 2019. He was delivering decent or very good numbers but was being shifted from left to centre to right to the bench. Given a run as undisputed #9, and he crossed 20 goals in an injury hit season. The stage is set, and... That's when his form fell off a...
  12. Memphis Depay

    He was very poor here except vs lower league opposition, he wasn't the star when lyon played in the CL despite his numbers for the team overall, and he flopped totally in xavi's team after doing ok in koeman's setup. In short, not good against good opposition, or in big matches, or in a better...
  13. The Biden Presidency

  14. The Biden Presidency

    October 4, 2009: April 10 2010: As you know, the ACA passed through reconciliation, which Rockefeller somehow found himself supporting despite its partisan nature, and despite the bill missing his safe harbor. Such are the mysteries of life and the democratic party. Here's Ezra Klein, the...
  15. Anthony Martial | 2022/23 Performances

    he was *abysmal* at the start of 20/21. worst i've seen him play. worse, much worse than jose's first season. worse than the drop off at the end of ole's first half season. he could do nothing right. cavani took his spot on merit after good sub appearances vs martial continuing to be awful...