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  1. Jack Grealish | Man City

    The media's portrayal of Sterling at the outset of his career was an example of clear racism. However, I don't think the media piling in on Pogba was. Pogba (or at least Pogba when he pulled on a United jersey) had enormous deficiencies in his game and crucially gave the impression that he...
  2. Jack Grealish | Man City

    I think Grealish did infinitely more for Villa than Pogba did for United. And I think he was good for City last season. Not brilliant. And not anything that they couldn't have gotten from the players they already had when they threw £100m at Villa to sign him. But ultimately fine. He was a...
  3. Jack Grealish | Man City

    I'm curious to what people think is controversial about saying that Grealish has delivered is. Grealish was brilliant for Villa (arguably PL POTS) moved to City and continued being the same player. It's not a stick to beat the guy with that he was signed to be something that he isn't. And he...
  4. Jack Grealish | Man City

    Terrible take. Pogba gets hate for being awful on the pitch but believing that he's he's gods gift. Grealish doesn't get hate because he delivers onfield. Ronaldinho was famously unprofessional off the pitch, yet everyone adored him because he was brilliant on it. His skin colour was irrelevant.
  5. Bissouma at Spurs

    My assumption is that we didn't sign him as we feel that Fred is going to enter beast mode under ETH. Which may well be true.
  6. Youri Tielemans

    Yep. I think Eriksen in a more withdrawn role would offer more than Tielemans would and there would be a £30m saving as well.
  7. Serge Gnabry

    He's a weird one in the sense that he posts fantastic G&A numbers but never impresses me when I watch him. A German Sterling. Isn't he better on the left anyway?
  8. Ousmane Dembele

    If it's a choice between this guy on a free (and probably 15-20m signing fee) or Antony for 50-60m, I'd take Dembelé. Yes he's had injuries but there's no doubting his quality. Antony is a huge gamble in my opinion.
  9. Chelsea 2022/2023 - The new era

    Ronaldo to Chelsea would be the definition of a sideways move- it makes no sense. It is really difficult at this point to predict who will have the better season between us and them and neither of us are likely to win major silverware so why would he leave? My guess is that he'd go to Sporting...
  10. Ousmane Dembele

    Tuchel probably understands and appreciates him more than any other coach though.
  11. Joao Felix

    I get serious Pato vibes off this guy every time I see him play. Which is a compliment: Pato would have been a stud if injuries hadn't wrecked him.
  12. Carney Chukwuemeka…

    Agreed. It was disappointing that Ralf didn't make an effort to blood more of the youth at the end of the season when it was apparent that we had nothing to play for. That being said, Carney has had his minutes surprisingly restricted for Villa. I suspect this may have had something to do with...
  13. African players playing for European countries

    I do think that there could be something to be said for dual nationalities getting the option to switch international allegiance at some point: let's say after they turn 30 or something. I'm sure there are loads of players who really have a lot of affection for two countries and it would be nice...
  14. African players playing for European countries

    I think it's fairly obvious that José was just trying to virtue signal without giving it much thought. Not to be taken seriously.
  15. Mo Salah | Choccy: He gone | Choccy gone, Choccy wrong

    PSG would surely be interested?