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  • I agree. We are losing out in midfield by playing both together. Ole needs to get this right with 1 of the 2 dropped to the bench.
  • I think Tchouameni is going to be a Top Top player and exactly what we need in our midfield now. I would love both him and Kessie together if Pogba goes.
  • I think we would be making a mistake paying him 400k a week. I would rather we got Tchouameni and Kessie with both costing less in wages than him alone, and with a high workrate. I also think Bruno and the forward line would benefit more with...
  • With everyone fit we have a:- good backline. Shit midfield top forwards who can be too greedy And a manager who cannot get his selections and substitutions right. Which is why we will end up fighting for that 4th spot.
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    ----------------De Gea--------------- AWB-----------Varane-----------Maguire --------------------McTominay-------------- Sancho----------Pogba--------Bruno-------Shaw -----------------Greenwood--------------Ronaldo
  • I know this was a post a couple of years ago. But I would love someone to put different words to the tune Matchstalk men as our Anthem. I could just hear the stretford enders in voice with this tune during games. I am sick and tired of hearing...
  • When city won the premiership in 2012, on goal difference. Fergie said " this won't happen again" and brought in Van Persie who scored us the goals. We won the Premiership in 2013 by 11 clear points. That's what GREAT managers do. I would bet my...
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    Won't win premiership with those stats.
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    I have watched Tchouameni since he was mentioned here in the summer. I feel he can become a great DM. He has broken into the French National team also, and is still only 21.Maybe we should make a move for him in January. What do you think, anyone.?
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    Yes, I agree. But if he doesn't change the midfield, he will be the one who suffers. We cannot go on with Fred and McTominay as a pivot. It just doesn't work and we are getting outplayed in this area. Our forwards will be starved, and backline...
  • Needs to get selections and substitutions right. Winning 1 game with right substitutes in just not enough, when you take in the games with wrong selections and wrong substitutions in so many others.
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    Where is Hannibal now. Is he injured.
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    Probably down to good coaching.
  • This list of fixtures with Champions League in between will decide if we are still there with a challenge by Christmas. If we get good results and we are still there, we need to address the midfield area for the second half challenge or we will...
  • I think Ten Hag is a better option atm.