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  1. Greatest Dribbler of All Time

    You have to remember Georgie had to play on pitches which would cause postponements nowadays, plus he was up against defenders some of whom could be better described as thugs. He is easily up there with the more modern players mentioned.
  2. 2 Senior Players Scrap At Training

    Whilst these things happen quite often in football it is always magnified if Utd are involved. I take this with a large pinch of salt until more substantial evidence is provided. As for the stories about players drinking, in the old days this was also not just Utd players. I did use to frequent...
  3. Never felt so alienated from the club

    Got to admit I’m getting as uninterested as the players are. I’m convinced we do not have the skills needed either on the pitch or in the management, recruitment or anywhere to get back to serious title challengers. We are light years away from City, Pool and possibly even N’Castle by next season.
  4. Brighton & Hove Albion vs Manchester United

    I can see our new man walking before Christmas. Lack of quality signings will drive him mad. Glazers will always watch their dollars before the teams results.
  5. Brighton & Hove Albion vs Manchester United

    If EtH was selected by the same morons that have selected most of these players then we are truly up the creek.
  6. Brighton & Hove Albion vs Manchester United

    Only Putin can save us now.
  7. Brighton & Hove Albion vs Manchester United

    We have better possession than them but that is only counting the time that the ball is in the back of our net.
  8. Brighton & Hove Albion vs Manchester United

    Cannot believe that about 60% of voters on here were predicting a Utd win. Was going to the local to watch it but decided to save my money and stay at home. So glad I did. This is the nearest I have come in the last 60 years to giving up on this lot. The team are almost as useless as the...
  9. How will you remember Pogba's time at United?

    How would I remember Pogba’s time at United? In a word expensive!
  10. Kanchelskis or Beckham?.....

    My God. Some of the goals in the Kancheskis video made the hairs stand up on my neck. Don’t see many like that nowadays. I wonder if he could have done the same in today’s game.
  11. Kanchelskis or Beckham?.....

    Kanchelskis was the fastest player I can remember. No stuttering with the ball at his feet ( can you this might be? ) Very strong as well. However, I think Becks was better all round player and a real graftaholic.
  12. Manchester United vs Southampton

    Virtually every touch by Shaw today was backwards even throw ins. Also, when he went forward his pace when getting back made me look fast. Having said that, I could criticise virtually every player. De Gea was at fault for the goal by going with his feet rather than diving. This team are going...
  13. Manchester United vs Southampton

    Shaw is playing better for S’hamton than for us.
  14. Ronaldo will take Rooney’s record

    Very sorry to disappoint you but much as I liked Ronald first time round I believe bringing him back was not the best idea. Still a good player but very hard to fit into this Utd. team. As for thinking Utds passing was any where near acceptable on Friday I would suggest you watch some of the...
  15. James Garner

    Every corner Garner has put in today has nearly resulted in a goal. His general play is also very tidy so far.