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  1. Ronald Koeman - Barcelona First team coach

    I'm seeing parallels with his time at Valencia. Comes in and immediately sidelines some of the more popular figures at the club, pissing off the remaining senior players. Won't end well. The next president after Bartomeu will want his own man in charge anyway.
  2. Ajax beat VVV Venlo 13-0 in the Erdivisie

    Can a loss be a win?
  3. Top English Clubs in talks to join FIFA European PL to replace UEFA CL

    That would be the ideal solution, but the elite clubs have no incentive to go along with a solution that would erode the advantages they have over the rest of the playing field.
  4. Top English Clubs in talks to join FIFA European PL to replace UEFA CL

    This is it. It's finally happening. Was always inevitable IMO. Massive blow for the PL but other European leagues have grown incredibly stale with the same team winning every year.
  5. Scholes Appointed Interim Manager at League 2 Salford City

    Yeah I don't get it either. Quite sad
  6. Best versions of great players

    Not the "best" version of R9 per se, but his dreadful haircut at the 2002 WC is the most iconic image I have of him.
  7. Win percentage of our last 5 managers

    PPG comparison (assuming 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw): SAF - 2.02 Moyes - 1.76 LVG - 1.82 Mourinho - 1.97 Ole - 1.85 Not as surprising when laid out that way. LVG had a lot of scoreless draws which brought his win % below Moyes, but on a points per game basis he was slightly better.
  8. Rooney to take charge at Derby? (According to The Sun)

    Comes across quite well as a pundit too, surprisingly. :lol:
  9. Coronavirus in football 20/21

    That's exactly the point I'm trying to make. In March we were only picking up people with symptoms. Now that we are testing, asymptomatics are included in the case counts. This has absolutely nothing to do with Trump so not sure why he's being brought into this. It's statistics 101.
  10. Coronavirus in football 20/21

    More prevalent because there is more testing happening. Apples and oranges.
  11. Romero Romero where art thou now

    His current value to us is negative - we are going to pay him and he's not going to play a single minute. Other clubs know that, hence the low offers.
  12. Telegraph Football: Man Utd looking to appoint director of football this summer

    I don't understand why he keeps defending Ed and the rest of the hierarchy. Totally understand not wanting to criticize your bosses in public, but at least respond with a "no comment" or something along those lines instead of replying positively.
  13. Romero, Jones and Rojo left out of the Champions League squad

    This reminds me of the excuses people would make for Heskey when he was in the England side. "He creates space for others", etc. etc.
  14. Glazers / Woodward out!

    "Man Utd Sawhney" :lol: