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  1. Press Gossip - 2020

    Arsenal are at risk of losing English wing-back Bukayo Saka, 18, on a free transfer at the end of next season as they struggle to agree a new contract. We should consider signing him on a free and then loan him to a premier league team to develop.
  2. Nicolas Pépé

    His often mistaken for Baily whilst living in London.
  3. Bruno Fernandes | 2020 Performances

    I don't think they do one touch football. Would help the team build ball retention and quick tempo football.
  4. Adolfo Gaich - San Lorenzo striker

    That's the problem our scouts should be unearthing players so we do not require to pay obscene amounts of money. We should not be hoping the fan base knows the player which would be value for money. We know who King and he is not worth £27 million. Yep but still are quality players.
  5. Adolfo Gaich - San Lorenzo striker

    We would bid 27 mill for King but find Gaich at 14 mill euro too expensive. This club is getting thicker by the day. We paid Hernandes for around 12 million and that was before the transfer hike. If his good enough then we should go for it plus Argentine players has more bite to their game...
  6. Adolfo Gaich - San Lorenzo striker

    We are not going to sign him. We went through the same crap last summer and it was like this with Jose. We have an incompetent board that takes a month to sign a player.
  7. Transfer Tweets - 2019/20 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    We went sign him. I feel bad for anyone that is hoping we will sign anyone. I always knew Bruno deal will be signed in the last few days of the transfer.
  8. Maxi Gomez

    Or keep Martial also. We don't have attacking depth.
  9. Are Martial's problems to do with the level of the team or independent of them?

    RVP said Martial and Rashford made intelligent runs which are never picked out by the midfield or the ball playing defenders. If a player keeps making the runs and never receiving the ball because the team around him are inept to make the pass then would he keep making the same run? We will...
  10. Transfer Tweets - 2019/20 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    You can bet Giroud is going to join West Ham also.
  11. Glazers / Woodward out!

    If we do sign Bruno I hope fans are not fickle and forget that they still are the problem. Either sack Woodward or Glazers leave.
  12. Sander Berge

    Spurs Dembele type of player
  13. Sander Berge

    Don't know if this is true. When we sign any player we have to make a show off it before signing the player. The only time we signed a player out of no where was Baily and that was a one off.