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  1. Football & Sports Betting Thread 2019/2020

    What's the likelihood I get paid out for David Silva anytime scorer? Been given to De Bruyne but surely a Silva goal, no?
  2. Television Anyone recommend me any TV Shows?

    Anybody started Giri/Haji on BBC? Any good?
  3. Brexited | the worst threads live the longest

    Does Bercow have some sort of cheat sheet that helps him remember who is the MP for which random area? I barely know who my own MP is, let alone picking them out of a crowd of 400 identical looking blokes.
  4. The Practice of 'Hazing' Players at Manchester United

    I think Nicky Butt said Scholesy was put in the tumble dryer on the Class of 92 documentary too. Again, not something either of them seemed remotely bothered about.
  5. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    :lol: "I want that lanky piece of shit".
  6. Music Anderson .Paak

    After just one listen, I thought it was good but not incredible. Songs got better as the album went on. The Snoop verse was brilliant and I liked the Cole one too. I imagine it'll grow on me the more I listen to it. Skits of rappers getting head in a car should have died in the 90s, however.
  7. Fantasy Premier League 18/19

    Is there a Wolves midfielder worth having? Next couple games look very good but nobody truly stands out. I also like the look of our games coming up but is there a United player I can trust?
  8. Weird feelings of football

    A goalkeeper has never become a good manager.
  9. Fantasy Premier League 18/19

    Think I'm going to get rid of Lacazette this week, would give me 11.3 for a new striker. Simple swap to Aguero or is there somebody else worth a punt on?
  10. Television Love Island 2018

    They need to change the format up next year. They've given us the same challenges as last year, same twists as last year, same everything except a lot less drama. A bit of a rebrand and some new ideas are needed. I've already seen the baby challenge last year, why do I need to watch the exact...
  11. Television Love Island 2018

    Her and Adam both have massive confidence issues. They've been through drastic body transformations and need that attention to keep them going. Eyal, Dr Alex, Wes and New Alex are all so vastly different, Megan's only real type is 'attention'.
  12. Music Commercial Hip Hop Thread

    Nas album was disappointing. Didn't feel 'Nas' enough. He's got the ability to make classics still which is why it's a bit frustrating. Daytona is the best to come out of the Kanye 7 track album spell. That one was undeniably a Pusha album and him doing what he does best. The Nas album felt...
  13. Fantasy Football 2017/18

    I need to use the free hit these week because I just don't have enough players. If I use my free transfer, can I then use my free hit on top of that? And have the free transfer still made for the gameweek after?
  14. Film Star Wars: Episode VIII

    Some very bizarre moments, a fair few laughs and cheers from the whole cinema, some cheese, but a pretty fun film all in all. Switching your brain off and just enjoying it for what it is works a real treat. Maybe like a 7.5/10 or so I'd say.
  15. Music Commercial Hip Hop Thread

    Bit late with catching up on releases, but the Tyler album Flower Boy is great. Probably the hip hop album I've enjoyed most this year front to back after Kendrick's.