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    The inclusion of Mount alone is laughable.
  • Do people actually believe this ? Whether you like the style of play or not, this can't possibly be true. Its a load of shite.
  • I don't think we should play 352, but this is a massively pessimistic view. Defenders : Does Lindelof not exist any more ? I know he is a bit of a Caf whipping boy but he is a decent defender who could certainly play in a back 3. Wing backs ...
  • I've been a defender of Ole in the past, but I'm losing patience. The problem with your post is that it might be pretty spot on in terms of the analysis of what we need etc, but it is on Ole to resolve this. Our RB doesn't provide enough of an...
  • Bobade replied to the thread Pogba is not a left winger.
    You can play him as an attacking midfielder, but it means losing Bruno from that position. I think you can play Bruno and Pogba in midfield in 433 and still keep Bruno's output, but I don't see how we have a good enough CM to play with them in...
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    Started watching it last night and immediately thought it was cheesy and shit. Next minute I was hooked... Only on episode 3 so far. I didn't know it was available dubbed, mine came on subtitled by default. I can't usually watch programs dubbed...
  • Spotify for the last...however long it was since it first came out and the hype started.
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    How would you know Woodward is tiptoeing around Ole? You've literally just made that up.
  • Really hard to see this being that good. Looks from the trailer like an OK gangster movie, but The Sopranos was so, so much more than that. I can kind of understand why you wouldn't want to try to recreate that though, as you'd be going up...
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    Sort of the point of the (7 year old :lol: ) thread.
  • Shame. I thought he looked great when he first went to Everton. This dick chopping stuff completely passed me by also, first I heard of it today.
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    Yeah, it sort of was, but I chose not to highlight that part as it wasn't part of my narrative haha. But still, I think they did have plenty of opportunity for a relegation specialist to save them.
  • Bobade replied to the thread What is Ole doing!.
    Well, he did get relegated last season.
  • I think he has improved going forward since he joined - his decision making and crossing is definitely better in my opinion. However, what hasn't changed is his general clumsiness and discomfort on the ball. When he receives it, he seems to...
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    Last night was so bad. Not to the extent I want Ole replacing but it has crossed my mind. However, there isn't anyone we can really replace him with who is available. Potter as an option is laughable. Massive gamble to see if he can translate...