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  1. Play the kids for Europa [Poll added]

    We should take the Europa League seriously and try to win it with a "weakened" team, but not necessarily the u23's. Romero TFM Bailly Maguire Williams Fred Mctominay Mata/Lingard Pereira James Martial/Rashford/Greenwood/ If we go with that we have an amazing bench and I reckon Fred and...
  2. Celebrations

    Fnishing 3rd is a great achievement for Ole, and I'm really happy that we have Champions League ready for next season. Also, this season we have scored 5 a few times (it feels like since SAF retired we couldn't get past 4) and finally a hat trick in the league. Those small things make me feel...
  3. Play the kids for Europa [Poll added]

    We have to go on and try to win it. It's a trophy after all, and have a good chance to win it.
  4. Bruno Fernandes | 2020 Performances

    He came in, transformed our team and made everything click, but lately he has been poor. I hope he just needs to rest but apart from the goal he was awful today. I do feel confident that he will come back strong after a proper rest! What a player he has been for us.
  5. Post match vs Leicester City

    Get in!! How the hell did we finish third? Hopefully we can get some more work done now, let the players rest and get some transfers done. Now we can enjoy the EL without the pressure aswell. Man this is a good day.
  6. Tired....again

    I think it's a mentality issue. You can be tired, but there is no need to constantly take a minimum of 5 touches before passing it home to your centre backs. We have been taking the safe route lately, when we were scoring 3 goals a game we were always looking forward. I think the players are...
  7. Leicester City vs Manchester United

    The times I've watched Leicester they actually looked good but when the opposition scores they fall apart. They do create chances and unlike us, they actually have a little fight in them. If we score first I can see us winning or drawing but not otherwise.
  8. Post match vs West Ham United

    I would expect them to run more in a friendly. Pathetic performance. If I played like this at this level, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night. Awaiting a "Not the result we wanted, we keep going on Sunday" tweet any time now. They should be heading straight to Carrington after the game and...
  9. Manchester United vs West Ham United

    Can't recall us doing a single comeback in the same game under Ole. The players will be sulking and be even more insecure in the second half, game over.
  10. Paul Pogba | Back in full training

    Pogba showing De Gea how it's done
  11. Manchester United vs West Ham United

    Or if your name is Nemanja Vidic.
  12. Manchester United vs West Ham United

    Been a while since De Gea saved a penalty right? 3 or 4 years?
  13. Manchester United vs West Ham United

    BOTTLERS! BOTTLERS! BOTTLERS!! BOTTLERS! Rename the Stretford End to the Bottlers End. This lads don't deserve to play in Old Trafford. Absolute pathetic.
  14. Manchester United vs West Ham United

    I'm struggling to watch this. I am fuming right now, why are our players so pathetic? Don't they realise that the way they are playing right now, isn't fecking working? Maybe kick it up a notch and start playing faster? Fecking hell these guys are hopeless.
  15. Manchester United vs West Ham United

    Lets give the team that always scores from corners, a thousand corners. Fecking clowns get your act together.