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  1. Premier League Gameweek 36-37

    Klopp puts out a really interesting lineup he conceding the title to City with this lineup to ensure focus on the CL final?
  2. Jurriën Timber

    agreed...which also can reinforce what i stated and size of the player isn't the concern if he has a great jump which yes Antonio does. There are situations you can't always account for no matter the size or lack of size of a positional player which means the reaction takes priority i'd rather...
  3. Jurriën Timber

    i'll give you haaland as that is the one guy who initially came to mind just b/c he's a big physical kid... Kane isn't a big commanding box presence in the air and Jimenez isn't really either...Antonio is only 5'11 Plus there are two CB's on the pitch so that can be dealt with as well. There...
  4. Jurriën Timber

    I've only seen him play CB for Ajax and that's where i would play him....i just think it's foolish to overlook a player at CB b/c he's only 5'10 and insist on guys who are 6'2/6'3 at CB. The smaller guy might be better in every other aspect of football other than winning aerial duels and i'd...
  5. Jurriën Timber

    most of the top sides now in the Prem don't have those big old fashioned #9's like in the past so i think for the most part those days are long gone in the premier league now you need more mobile and pacy CB's who are decent on the ball
  6. Erik ten Hag - Manchester United manager

    hmmm....the right signing(ie the position of need) could still be a meh signing i tend to fall into this category as well....i think it's going to be either a younger player with a lot of potential OR it's going to be an older practical player that can do the job or a year or two(Kante maybe)
  7. Jurriën Timber

    a footballer makes a bad pass or makes a bad decision....the world is coming to an end ffs no one expects him or anyone else to be perfect or not make mistakes but more so how often and do they learn from their mistakes so it's no continually repeated
  8. Erik ten Hag - Manchester United manager

    first signing of the ETH era....will it be a major splash or a meh signing
  9. Ben White | Arsenal

    Has a poster of Ben White on his bedroom ceiling
  10. Antony

    i know we need to add something to the CB and CM with probably a CF but we HAVE to find someone on the wing who's got some pace and some balls to him that is willing to run at defenders rashford, martial and greenwood had that....rashford has gone off the boil and the other two are...
  11. Arse FAM TV

    fuking hell....Lee would be a right fun bloke to go have a few pints with
  12. Arse FAM TV

    this guy is a complete clown....he is on there only for viewing purposes as he clearly knows fuk all about football
  13. Antony

    Antony seems like a no brainer move by ETH as we've seen since Greenwood, we are badly missing a left footed attacking player I'm not concerned by his stats but simply the fact that he has the 1v1 ability we are really missing right now in our forwards with rashford so badly out of form and the...
  14. Erik ten Hag - Manchester United manager

    Scott was in the right position initially sitting in the pocket behind them....lindelof just didn't give him the ball when he should have it's poor on his part and poor coaching that Scott follows the ball...they should be teaching him to go opposite of the ball and play on the diagonal which...
  15. Frenkie De Jong

    he's every bit worth the 60m it would probably cost to buy him....he know the gaffer and he knows the system