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  1. Individual Brilliance vs Pattern of play

    But we've also failed to score in 5 games, more than City and West Ham and the same as Leicester, Spurs and Everton based on a quick check. Scoring 15 in those two games against hapless opposition was awesome but it has sugar-coated the overall numbers a bit. And to whoever said "we miss too...
  2. Individual Brilliance vs Pattern of play

    In my experience, most of the crowd peddling the "we have no patterns of play at all" argument consists of Twitter goons that don't really understand what patterns of play are in the first place and just parrot what they read. Regarding the latter point, however, it's not so much that we're...
  3. Is anyone else confused as to why we allow Fred to take long range pot shots, every single game, and on his weak foot?

    This is outrageous, to be honest :lol: I didn't want to comment without seeing how many shots he's actually taken, in case it was one of those where it isn't actually a lot but they all stand out for being horrific efforts. But there's something seriously wrong if Fred is attempting more than...
  4. Fred is one of the most underrated players in England

    You're fighting a losing battle. People will see the numbers, realize they don't like what they're saying, and default to the "eye test" to say "nah, he's actually a crap passer and a donkey". Like that guy a few posts above who said "good pass percentage? Okay, but let's see forward passes...
  5. Bruno as a false 9 in big games?

    It's worth a try, but not with Fred in that position. Disaster waiting to happen. Matic at the base and one of Fred or McTominay alongside Pogba.
  6. Rashford and Martial are a problem

    Isn't it hilarious? And I'm accused of "conveniently" focusing on assists to highlight just how full of crap the "lesser players" argument was (Digne and Cresswell don't have more assists anyway, so nice stat-padding, chap). If we go by combined goals and assists, Rashford is the 8th-most...
  7. Rashford and Martial are a problem

    Players with more assists: Kane, Fernandes, De Bruyne, Grealish. Which of them is a lesser player? Or are we doing that thing again where we're only talking about assists made with the left foot inside the six-yard box in the last eight weeks?
  8. Rashford and Martial are a problem

    Rashford scores the opening goal, wins a penalty, tears their right-back to shreds all game. Come back to RedCafe at full-time: "he's just not good enough".
  9. Rashford and Martial are a problem

    Rubbish player against a deep-lying defence yet again. Head down, can't beat a man, runs down blind alleys, takes shots from stupid angles. Bin him off.
  10. Cavani, Hit or Miss?

    He's been very good, obviously not a miss. Hope to see him kick on and finish the season around the 15-goal mark in the league, which would be a massive success.
  11. Rashford and Martial are a problem

    You're extremely good at ignoring arguments that don't suit your agenda so I have no trouble believing this is exactly what you'll do, but 1) they don't actually have miles better stats, once you account for Gerrard and Lampard taking 40 and 30 PL penalties to Scholes's 1. And more importantly...
  12. Rashford and Martial are a problem

    You are the one making a complete show of yourself, child. Not the right thread to be talking about other people's reading comprehension and IQ
  13. Rashford and Martial are a problem

    "someone compared rashford with salah the other day when he has yet to hit even sterling level productivity" *sees stats showing Rashford hitting Sterling and Salah levels of productivity* "no, not that kind of productivity. i meant my eye test" You are exactly the kind of clown I've been...
  14. Rashford and Martial are a problem

    In other words, "the reality doesn't match what I claimed, so instead of admitting it, I'll just make up my own instead"
  15. Rashford and Martial are a problem

    And this is why those stats that you're hand-waving away* need to be brought out. So people with agendas get called out for talking nonsense. *Funny also that you'll post line after line explaining why Rooney and Ronaldo's goalscoring records weren't far ahead of Rashford's at the time... and...