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  1. How will this footballing decade be remembered? (and what's next?)

    2020s: Rise of the women's game to become a major sport.
  2. You’re the new United manager, which players do you keep?

    To be blunt given the mentality of the squad under three successive managers there's not a single player who I'd be too upset at getting rid of. Even De Gea. They're all contaminated with that mindset now. I'd quite like to get rid of the entire lot of them a start afresh Obviously will never...
  3. Fans/Hooligans in Mexico

    Was a season ticket holder at Pumas for a bit. The ultras were pretty welcoming in the main. Same with fans at the various grounds I visit around the country. Only match where I felt un say, and where I saw any nasty trouble was away at the Azteca for America v Pumas. Felt relieved to get away...