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  1. Top English Clubs in talks to join FIFA European PL to replace UEFA CL | 27th October: Bartomeu says Barcelona have accepted to join it

    Like United fans continuing to pump their own money into matches/kits/sky etc even though we hate the Glazers? Fans will always pay, and if some don't, most of the others will.
  2. Who had or has the hardest shot?

    As oppose to the Avengers Hulk, who could kick shite out of a ball but only if he was angry.
  3. Television The Pro Graps Thread

    It's got to. Especially after losing High Chief Peter Maivia.
  4. Premier League Gameweek 6

    Pedro Neto is a biatch. Screams every single time he goes down.
  5. Music YouTube Premium (+ Music)

    Ad free YouTube but not in the UK right?
  6. Critique this 11

    Fred takes too many touches and that's costly as the deepest lying midfielder. I'd prefer an option here that can drop in as a CB and make Telles and AWB push on as wingbacks, which essentially turns it into a 3-5-2. But any good manager will say formations ebb and flow throughout a game anyway...
  7. The MMA thread

    That doesn't really happen though mate. I can't think of one time.
  8. "Lower quality foreign players" transfers will be blocked

    Why am I having to see the PL trophy with those colour ribbons on on the caf?
  9. The MMA thread

    Conor's mouth is the only reason we're even talking about him tonight.
  10. Champions League | Matchday 2

    How can City's penalty stand when Gundogan stamped on their keeper 3 seconds before the foul?
  11. Champions League | Matchday 2

    Why are Real not at the Bernabeu?
  12. Being "right" about a player or manager is not more important than winning games

    Is it possible to enjoy a game, celebrate like a madman when we score a late winner, but still see the bigger picture and realise that we've been here before (almost in this exact position actually) and know that the tide can turn very quickly under our current structure?
  13. Does Martial slot straight back in?

    He's had a real strange start to the season. Hasn't even had a shot on target yet, but has won two penalties with sharp play in the box. Yesterday's OG was annoying but I actually liked his reaction. He looked utterly disappointed in himself and seemed to work harder after it, like he wanted to...
  14. What are our toxic, Ole Out, fanbase going to complain about tonight?

    He's always shown he's good against big teams. This doesn't change much in the big picture.
  15. Tuanzebe's injury ravaged season

    I always say he isn't quite good enough in the air but then I remember he's much better than Lindelof.