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  1. Famous footballers who share your birthday

    Paul Pogba! My birthday is 15th March After him its dross like John Joe Kenny Happy Birthday fella
  2. United Hour Podcast - Cravani Cottage (Fulham Away)

    I think Sancho is very likely given his form this season and Dortmund will be more motivated to sell - reckon we'll pay around 70/75m for him City might be interested but think that fee is beyond Madrid/Barca - where Messi ends up might impact that too If Liverpool sign an attacker it will...
  3. Post match vs Fulham

    just would have liked to have seen more control in those last 10 mins We were fortunate last night that Bailly deflection trickled wide.... a more quality team probably would have scored given how we regressed in terms of composure/positioning. Mentality is something we need to work on. The...
  4. Post match vs Liverpool

    might have just been the second half opening up a little but Cavani really made a difference when he came on. I also would have picked McTominay for this but similarly I wonder how the game would have played out with Matic's better passing and composure. He's not great at times against high...
  5. Post match vs Liverpool

    first half .... most definitely passing and ball retention was very poor I felt. Lots of offsides. All evidence of a lack of composure.
  6. Post match vs Liverpool

    2 big issues today for me....overall not bad though 1. Mentality Like the game against City and many of the other semi finals/crucial games we've played we seem to give a poor account of ourselves for long periods. We should have been matching Liverpool given their form and injuries but...
  7. Luke Shaw | 2020/21 Performances

    Brilliant the last couple of months needs to work on attacking and he can be really effective
  8. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    any word on Martial?
  9. Donny van de Beek | 2020/21 Performances

    he's in that no win situation that Rashford/Martial were in under Mourinho under used, not match sharp but expected to be fantastic when he does get an odd chance We saw enough of his quality for Ajax and Ole should be using him more in a more active rotation role
  10. Anyone else feeling ok after losing to City in the semi-final of the Carabao Cup?

    no - just really flat a bit of a reality check as we look far from their level. Was this one game just? I don't know but my instincts think its representative of wider issues - at the end of the season it would be great if this turned out to be a blip though Martial and Rashford aren't good...
  11. Manchester United vs Manchester City

    getting schooled a bit here City looking very comfortable to me. Need to break the rhythm of this game somehow. Not getting enough from our players
  12. Amad Diallo | 2020/21 Performances

    Solskjaer will protect him. He will play when he is ready. Based on Pellestri and VDB he will be used very sparingly.
  13. The diamond

    I thought McTominay and Fred were well under par last night compared to how good they've been previously Villa, especially in the first half after 20 mins, dominated midfield for long periods It looks good on paper and Pogba needs to be advanced but I'm not sold on it
  14. Manchester United vs Manchester City

    who is out for City with the virus?