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  • Would you take the -4 hit instead? Prior to the first game I had no issue with getting Kane over Haaland, but as I said, I missed the time to switch them up for GW 2. I don't want to fall even further behind in points with City expected to trash...
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    Well, if you don't want to see it, so be it. Time to move on, boys.
  • Missed getting Haaland for Kane while their prices were equal and am now wondering whether I should take a -4 just for GW 2 or use the free hit as I might switch 2 or 3 more players for the weekend.
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    Because no one else would actually agree to join.
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    Our RBs are shite, Semedo is bad, this bloke is crap and so on. Who do people actually want? Trent? Cancelo?
  • Are there any actual links to him or is he too reasonable of a signing for us to even consider?
  • I'm finding it difficult to understand why people are moaning about this buy. Doubt many have actually seen him play in recent years (something of which I'm also guilty), but from what I remember during his time at PSG, he at least has a...
  • One point behind Liverpool, come on! In all seriousness, everyone bar both our CBs were wank. Don't think the starting XI was wrong, but I guess ETH expected more from our wingers. Dreading the Liverpool game in 2 weeks time. Also, DDG could've...
  • I get everyone is nervy about the first game, but these simple mistakes need to stop.
  • Swapped out Mitrovic and went for Robertson in a 532. Good start to the FPL season.