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  1. Ole: “maybe something has to give”

    I was more impressed with Leicester than anyone else we've struggled against this season. Our own dismal performances have been our most regrettably consistent feature. Ultimately the blame for this will always fall on the manager.
  2. Ole: “maybe something has to give”

    Leicester were VERY impressive it has to be said. We were bloody awful, but no doubt their commitment to following a well drilled plan played a big part in our own failings on the pitch.
  3. Maguire needs to be replaced as captain

    I can almost understand Ole taking the risk with him, given how well Maguire has been playing for us since his last dodgy spell. That said, he was clearly struggling today, as he often does when partnered with Lindelhof, and yet he was left struggle on the pitch for the full 90 minutes. I think...
  4. Ole: “maybe something has to give”

    The 50-50s tend to go for the team that wants it more. It's an important detail. That said.... you can't just sit there and hope the attitude might improve, sometimes you have to send a message by pulling a big name off (or three). Ole is far too passive, far too trusting of his favourites, and...
  5. How can Ole be this bad?

    I don't necessarily think it's a good thing that we seem to only reserve our best performances for when the heat is really on the team, and our manager, after the latest of run of dismal results has sunk everybody's morale. I doubt anyone does. It's incredibly infuriating when we suddenly see...
  6. How can Ole be this bad?

    The armchair fans have turned again. The match going fans are still showing Ole all the love and support he needs to carry on doing a difficult. job. Next weekend is going to be a massive test though. This has ordinarily been the perfect kind of fixture for Ole, big game, stronger opponent...
  7. Prime Hazard or Prime Salah?

    Hazard. Not a single doubt.
  8. RIP Jimmy Greaves

    I loved watching Saint and Greavsie as a kid. There's some episodes on YouTube I was watching awhile back. RIP to an England legend.
  9. Bluemoon goes into Meltdown

    Pep recognises that the competition is suddenly looking quite fierce, so it's time to start looking for new opportunities. PSG would have been the perfect fit for him had the stars aligned.
  10. Are we a CDM short of being an elite team?

    I think we have a fair chance of winning the title with what we've already got now. Put a world class CDM in that team and Ole would almost have to win the title to keep his job. I don't see us signing anyone else, but tbh, when I heard the rumours on Friday morning about Cristiano coming back...
  11. Premier League Gameweek 3

    Klopp is probably whining about stoppage time, and tbf he probably has a point. But who cares, plus Taylor needed to confirm he's a still a Manc.
  12. Liverpool 2021/2022

    We do the same at Old Trafford. And I see no shame in it. We're better at it than them too. :D
  13. Liverpool 2021/2022

    Chelsea did a super job nullifying them. It was all long range potshots from Liverpool while they were pouring forward for the first 20 of the second half. If we're gonna be in a title race, we'll be battling Chelsea and our neighbours with the largely empty stadium. Liverpool will be battling...
  14. Premier League Gameweek 3

    Fantastic result. :D Even the ref redeemed himself as a Manc by not adding on the time he threatened at the end. Have to say, that's very impressive from Chelsea the way they managed that. It's the kind of steely performance you'd expect from serious title contenders. Liverpool created...
  15. Premier League Gameweek 3

    Probably because every Chelsea player was surrounding the referee and hurling abuse at him, so he just picked Mendy as the yellow card victim. I can't stand either of these teams. Absolutely loathe everything about them. I'll take a draw with a few more reds each.