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  1. Transfer Tweets - Manchester United - 2022/23 | Follow the rules in the OP

    Maybe we’re actually going to start being proactive in games and play attacking football with two attacking midfielders.
  2. Steve McClaren | Yessh our new assistant coach

    I listened to his podcast a few episodes ago about ETH and it was really interesting. The same episode he talks about the title race, liverpool and city and goes into detail about how important modern goalkeepers are. How they have to almost be an outfield player, good on the ball, pick passes...
  3. Post match vs Crystal Palace

    The new era begins, thank feck.
  4. Cheap football kits

    Anyone know if brfans is still going? I ordered a few bits for my brother a couple of months ago which were spot on, including next seasons home kit. Can’t find the website now though.
  5. Mike Maignan - AC Milan player

    Ah, the United way.
  6. Ralf Rangnick | ex-interim manager | does anyone rate him?

    Hopefully we’ll look back on this in years to come and realise how important he was in starting a new chapter at the club. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the club seem to be making the right decisions since he’s been here. I’ve enjoyed his honesty even if results haven’t gone to plan...
  7. Enzo Fernández

    I wonder how many pre-assists Paul Scholes had
  8. Protest planned before Norwich game

    The best protest would be to not turn up, which at the moment is ideal. An empty stadium on a match day would have a bigger impact.
  9. Pogba

    Pogba is a player you buy when you’re already at the top. He’d be a great signing for Liverpool or City because everything is already in place. Our problem is we’ve tried to build a team around a player who’s inconsistent, injured a lot and lacks character when up against it. He’s the cherry, on...
  10. Paul Pogba | 2021/22 Performances

    I’ll be glad when the seasons over and he’s gone.
  11. Fred | 2021/22 Performances

    Who would’ve thought playing him in his correct position would get the best out of him.
  12. Post match vs Brentford

    Progress, good win.
  13. Was Louis Van Gaal our best "coach" in the post Fergie years?

    Yes, arguably the two greatest performances at Anfield in my lifetime were under LVG. He implemented his philosophy and the players were very well coached. Sadly in the final third we lacked creativity and penetration.