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  1. Premier League Gameweek 22+23

    But but but conte is a genius
  2. Title race/top 4 race

    We look much balanced & organised, we will find the right blend eventually and ralf understands not to hold grudges & learns from mistakes, Chelsea spurs should be a draw today & let’s be honest lads it’s Tottenham so I feel we will be okay, could even go for third, positive stuff for united
  3. Manager's Press Conference | Brentford v Manchester United | Ralf Rangnick | Premier League

    This international break is utterly ridiculous, just play some of the postponed games that weekend surely? I know the other leagues are not playing to although the championship Is, it’s just stupid considering everything
  4. Coronavirus in football 21/22 | Premier League to be suspended?

    Burnley played against united with loads of players out, my old man is a Burnley fan, yeah the football is awful but they are literally doing what arsenal Liverpool Leicester etc are doing, also Chelsea tried to do it to
  5. Where do we want to finish?

    Yeah that’s the attitude let’s watch our team lose to spite millionaires who won’t care, honestly this place sometimes
  6. Where do we want to finish?

    Still think we will finish 4th, arsenal will bottle it, West Ham don’t have the squad depth, spurs have not been great under conte, eventually it will click and we will go on a run, there’s to much at stake not to, there is so many twists and turns left
  7. Are Utd Making You Depressed?

    It still does a bit, but as I’ve got older 32 now, it’s not in my control so I can’t do anything, it’s frustrating as this squad could be so much better, yet West Ham, wolves & even arsenal have an identity, that’s the worst thing, we have varane Bruno greenwood Ronaldo sancho de gea yet they...
  8. Conte | Spurs Manager

    literally only in the hunt because teams around spurs are poor, ie united, West Ham decent But inconsistent same with arsenal, I mean let’s be honest top 4 is up for grabs for anyone, there is loads of twists and turns left
  9. Henderson reportedly stormed out of training after being told he wasn't playing against Villa

    He’s really not that good, isn’t worth the hassle, overrated
  10. Ralf Rangnick | Interim manager

    Know howson can be a bit of a tit, but his rant today on fulltimedevils is class!
  11. The chase for 4th place (not top 4)

    I still think we will make if personally, it will eventually click, spurs and arsenal have a few tough fixtures coming up which they will drop points, Liverpool have the afcon, West Ham are inconsistent, United will get it right hopefully sooner rather than later
  12. Where do we go from here?

    Top 4 is not gone, what a strange thing to say, spurs have been underwhelming, drew to ten man saints, needed a 96th min to beat Watford , arsenal look better but they’ve been pretty lucky with covid, decent fixture list, they played well against city but I thought it was more city were poor...
  13. postgame:Arsenal vs Manchester City

    Ac Milan & Liverpool fan
  14. Mikel Arteta | Lego Pep | 2022: 3 red cards, 1 goal

    Played well today but likeable? Armadale has joe hart vibes, Gabriel tierney & lacazette constantly moaning, only like lad one is saka!
  15. Premier League Festive Season

    Christ arsenal have had a pretty decent run but when they have come up against anyone decent they crumble, they play Liverpool Chelsea spurs city in the next month, spurs also have some tough games, United have not played in 2 weeks, we will finish in top 4 fine, it’s spurs and arsenal for god...