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  1. Bruno Fernandes | Signed

    Maguires not as good as Bruce when attacking, would love him to start scoring and dominating corners
  2. Bruno Fernandes | Signed

    Roy Keane occasionally went around damaging peoples legs to get his mentality across and admitted it! It's a very high level of passion for the game after being sent off, I'm sure stuff like this happens a lot but we rarely see it. Would prefer this kind of feeling than the pally pally hugs and...
  3. Bruno Fernandes | Signed

    The problem is we are so slow with these deals, all very well but we have important games soon which will have Pereira or Lingard yet again
  4. Christian Eriksen | Signs for Inter

    Come off it this is a wum surely? please tell me how many trophies Spurs have won in the last 15 years vs how many we have won in the last 3. The least renowned club of the top 6 for getting trophies by a long stretch
  5. Lukaku - transfer speculation | Gone

    People bagging on Rashford way too soon, he has a comparable goal record to Messi at the same age, not that its linear, give him a chance, he could be a Wellbeck or an Andy Cole but has to be given time to grow up
  6. Aaron Wan-Bissaka | The Ornacle speaks: It is done.

    Pfft..The London press were in no way Neutral, Arsenal were made out as being much better than they were (and they were good). Fergie used overloading attacking fullbacks who played more like wingbacks of today rarely on the inside channel but average position over the half way line towards last...
  7. Aaron Wan-Bissaka | The Ornacle speaks: It is done.

    Dennis Irwin was one of the most complete footballers ever to have played and was involved in much more than 'get a cross in' , Infact Fergies use of attacking fullbacks in general was a large reason for the domination of games his teams had over the years