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  1. Alphonso Davies

    Think he’s a fantastic player. So much ability. Still probably yet to see the best of him either.
  2. Racism in Italy - even anti-racism is filled with racism

    One of the observations that I’d make about Italy, is that they have very little legitimate immigration. Whether it’s been Albanians, Romanians (pre FOM), or more recently, Africans and Asians (pre-dominantly from the Indian sub-continent) there is a consistent pattern of irregular (or illegal)...
  3. Vaccinated Players

    I completely agree, and I reiterate - as long as people accept that not taking the vaccine may have consequences as to what they can or can’t do. So if they want to to jet off on a nice sunny holiday, but said destination will only accept vaccinated people, then tough luck.
  4. Jack Grealish | Man City

    David Silva is very one footed. Didn’t he play in the middle quite a bit? As I said earlier in the thread, Grealish is never a 100m player. I don’t even think he’s a 50m player. Yet, he is a good player. I think he offers more and will offer more to City going forward if he is moved centrally...
  5. What happened to Daniel Sturridge?

    Still, worse ways to spend your days than living in Australia no doubt earning in excess of 100k a year.
  6. Marcos Alonso to stop taking the knee

    Racism isn’t exclusive Racism isn’t exclusive to a particular race, is it? It can be directed or suffered by all. That isn’t to diminish its prevalence amongst certain quarters, but I think the inference that Alonso (as a white person) is incapable of holding a valid view on racism, because of...
  7. Thiago Silva | Chelsea Player

    Why would you need to watch the Norwegian 3rd tier to have knowledge of someone who has captained and made 100 appearances for Brazil? I’m not trying to be cantankerous, but I don’t think it’s particularly controversial in acknowledging that Silva had an outstanding reputation and was world...
  8. Thiago Silva | Chelsea Player

    Then they are PL fans, not football fans. You don’t have to be a particularly knowledgeable football fan to know that Thiago Silva has long been regarded as one of world’s best CB’s. I mean he’s played for Milan, PSG and has 100 caps for Brazil, also captaining them.
  9. Tammy Abraham - Roma Striker

    No? Can’t say I follow.
  10. Tammy Abraham - Roma Striker

    Probably won’t settle and will be back in England in a season or two. Wouldn’t even be surprised if he get’s loaned back to a club in the EPL next season.
  11. England fans, what is wrong with England fans?

    Ah. Thank you for clarifying. In that case, I don’t think what we see in England, on a societal level, or politically, is all that much different from what we see in any other comparative (Western) nation. Elsewhere, it’s often a great deal worse. It certainly isn’t a uniquely English...
  12. Pep's spending is insane (£941m and counting at City)

    Sure. That said, his legacy can legitimately be questioned. City and Guardiola’s achievements to me, all seem rather hollow.
  13. England fans, what is wrong with England fans?

    It’s not clear, at least not to me. That’s why I asked the question. When you say English society is out of control, I would have thought that by default, you are drawing a comparison, because if taken in isolation the remark would have no contextual meaning. So it wasn’t whataboutery...
  14. Michael Ballack’s son

    Awful news. Not that any of us need reminding, but once again, it shows how precious life is.
  15. England fans, what is wrong with England fans?

    I’m sorry, I think you are being disingenuous here. Are you attributing the behaviour of some English fans to Boris Johnson? The events seen this summer are not unique, nor are they exclusive to the UK. Earlier in this thread, I was very very critical of the way some England fans behaved; it...