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  1. Ole and the mystery Mohican footballer

    It might not tell you anything about his footballing ability but it probably does tell you something about his personality which is also important when you're considering signing someone.
  2. Manchester United vs AC Milan

    Apart from it hitting his arm.
  3. NFL 2021

    Why are you assuming they'll replace those two starters in free agency? Deandre Baker will likely replace Breeland, he's already on their roster. Someone who's already there could replace Sorenson too. Or they could draft someone to replace him with one of their 8 picks. And yes converting the...
  4. NFL 2021

    It's not far off though (and as I said I didn't include Hill in those figures either) so cutting Fischer and Schwartz wasn't a must. Regardless, cutting Fischer probably makes sense. His cost against the cap was pretty high and he might have missed the entire season anyway with that achilles...
  5. NFL 2021

    Extend Mathieu (saves $10.1m) and convert a portion of Mahomes' (saves $4.8m), Jones' (saves $5.3m) and Kelce's (saves $6.2m) roster bonus. That's over $26m saved on the cap without even restructuring Hill which was another option.
  6. NFL 2021

    The Chiefs could have gotten below the cap without releasing either of them though (particularly Schwartz).
  7. "No big clubs wanted me" Van Der Sar

    He had to rebuild his reputation somewhat at Fulham and by the end of his time there he was getting a lot of praise. Was seen as a stop gap signing and the price reflected that. Bet Fulham weren't expecting him to go on to play at United for 6 seasons.
  8. Champions League Round of 16 (16th Feb - 17th Mar)

    It's already known that the initial goal was ruled out for a foul (it's on the BBC website and everything). You guys are making this more complicated than it really is.
  9. Champions League Round of 16 (16th Feb - 17th Mar)

    That would be ridiculous. They wouldn't disallow a goal because someone got fouled before the ball rolls over the line would they.
  10. Champions League Round of 16 (16th Feb - 17th Mar)

    You don't really see players smash the ball away like he did anymore (probably because they know it'll get them a pointless yellow card).
  11. Champions League Round of 16 (16th Feb - 17th Mar)

    Because after the shoulder barge Haaland's arm came out and shoved the defender. Was pretty soft though.
  12. Joan Laporta, new president of FC Barcelona

    They've also now got to pay back 20 odd years worth of illegal state aid (as do Real) on top of the debt they already had.
  13. Dean Henderson might start next 6 games; De Gea out for personal reasons

    She was tweeting at around 7pm last night so I wouldn't have thought it's got anything to do with that.
  14. Premier League Gameweek 26

    It was a rollercoaster reading this.
  15. Nearly 1.5million people play football, only 180 will make it to the Premier League.

    He's playing in the SPL, first choice striker. What level are you and your Tesco mate playing at?