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  1. NFL 2021

    It was OPI on the touchdown
  2. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    Seems like you might care though.
  3. Tennis 2021

    Hope she doesn't spend it all on sweets.
  4. Tennis 2021

    She's 19 and therefore should know better :lol:
  5. Tennis 2021

    Every time she smiles she looks smug.
  6. Manchester United vs Leeds United

    Jesus Christ, has a record ever been so broken?
  7. Amad Diallo | 2021/22 Performances

    To add to these, Jermain Defoe, Jordan Henderson, Rio Ferdinand, Michael Carrick, Aaron Ramsey and Ashley Cole (though I think you meant him rather than Young).
  8. Premier League Gameweek 1

    I don't know why everyone is so impressed with the Brentford fans, you can hear a fair few booing Saka and doing monkey noises as well.
  9. Scott Peterson’s case (Laci Peterson murder) may be reopened

    Started watching this documentary miniseries and couldn't help but notice how one sided it seemed and full of his family so I did some research of my own and now I can't take the documentary seriously enough to watch any more. How much of a "morning decision" to go fishing could it have been...
  10. Friendly v Preston called off due to suspected covid cases | None within first team group

    Wonder if they'll end up playing this behind closed doors tomorrow or Monday instead.
  11. Transfer Tweets - 2021/22 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    No, Bruno and Mount created more.
  12. 2021 Summer Olympics (Tokyo)

    There's also Beth Shriever in the women's who came 1st twice and 3rd in her three races today.
  13. QPR v Manchester United (Friendly) Saturday 24th July 2021 @ 3pm BST | 4-2 loss

    Congratulations on a post so stupid you've just become the first person I've ever placed on ignore.