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  1. European Super League | 18th April 2021 - 20th April 2021 RIP

    Damn! I hadn't thought about kind of punishment :lol:
  2. European Super League | 18th April 2021 - 20th April 2021 RIP

    I also thought about domestic punishment, but if they can't punish them in one way, can they in the other?
  3. Tennis 2021

    Very tough match, Swartzman is very good, and they know each other a lot. They have trained several times in Mallorca. The other day he did an analysis at a press conference on how playing with the sun could favor Rafa with the ball.
  4. Sergio Ramos

  5. Zinedine Zidane - 3 time CL winning manager without a job

    Yes, a surprise, Balkan players learn very quickly. The boy had a lot on his mind
  6. Zinedine Zidane - 3 time CL winning manager without a job

    Jovic said that in Madrid it was difficult for him to communicate because he left the Spanish classes, that in Eintrach it was easier because he spoke with the coach in English, so probably he doesn't speak or not enough...
  7. Music What are we listening to?

  8. Sergio Ramos

    Ah ok. Yes, he has the horses in Sevilla but I always assumed that he would want to retire well to remain linked to Madrid. The club offers him one year, with a cut of 10%. He asks for two. It seems simple but his brother always complicates by leaking interest from other clubs to the press. I...
  9. Sergio Ramos

    His family was one of my arguments for thinking that he was going to renew. Years building a house in Madrid, business with horses ... He can still play a couple of years in the elite so he has no alternative but to go abroad. The Sevilla thing could be an option later, although his relationship...
  10. Sergio Ramos

    Apparently the club has retired his offer and is preparing a farewell so maybe you have options, although I imagine that City / PSG will already be attentive. Yes, he is going to leave a pretty big void, he was a great captain
  11. Spain Euro 2021 - Discussion Thread

    He called Rodrigo, Soler and Fornals too. I had completely forgotten about Fornals. I guess that means he hasn't been doing very well lately
  12. Spain Euro 2021 - Discussion Thread

    Brais Méndez has been called
  13. Zidane watch

    There is going to be a lot more shit but they have to open the stadium.If they lose the socio will look at the board and there will be some massive leak as Marca against Calderón.Meanwhile it's time for "Bale is the signing","Isco resurrects","Vini surprises everybody at preseason" :lol:
  14. Zidane watch

    It seems that way, but no official media confirms it. You have to go to ITKs and people related to the club. Both with JAS and with Ferreras and the Atresmedia group (Pedrerol) and PRISA (ser) for the leaks to the press. Pedrerol was very hard on Zidane for the letter. They say that Florentino...