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  1. Europa League 20/21

    Worse than the AFTV lot or some of the Chelsea lot here? Not for me I mean there's a certain someone who's surely been clinically diagnosed as batshit crazy but the rest aren't that bad. Just eternally optimistic like most fans are about their clubs
  2. Marco Rose | Gladbach manager

    Not being funny but you go from one hipster name to the next. Wasn't it you that was shouting Milenković's name in every thread a few years back? What's he done since? Bet you were one who was championing the likes of William Carvalho as well
  3. Diogo Dalot Loan watch - Milan 2020-21

    Get the money out Milan ;)
  4. Why don't our players score hat-tricks anymore? | First league hat-trick in 7 years

    Wonder if Greenwood can get one before the year ends?
  5. In an alternate universe, will Rashford starts for other Europe's elite club?

    Yep by all accounts the interest from Barca in him was real, the interest by PSG in him was also real, he's a lot more appreciated in Europe it seems than in England.
  6. Manchester United vs Arsenal

    I swear to god if James starts....
  7. PSG and Leipzig - We’ll never get out of the group!

    We're in a great position but need to win in Turkey next time out before we get too complacent. If we can get 3 wins our of 3 with the Turkish side at OT in the 4th game then what a chance to wrap up qualification
  8. The diamond

    If it's a choice between playing MMM up front or a diamond which gets the best out of Pogba I'm not picking the later
  9. Julian Nagelsmann | Leipzig manager

    That particular battle is only 2-1 Hodgson at the moment...
  10. Donny van de Beek | 2020/21 Performances

    I thought he did well today as he's done in all his appearances I also think while Pogba lacks the discipline to play in midfield I feel we could easily line up with both VDB and Fernandes in a 3 man midfield and not get caught out. Might be an easy decision to make if Pogba leaves in the summer
  11. Fred is one of the most underrated players in England

    Hhmm can't say I saw anything different in today's performance that I haven't seen from Fred already consistently over the last 18 months
  12. Julian Nagelsmann | Leipzig manager

    Joins the illustrious list that contains Poch, Tuchel, Pep & Mourinho of managers Ole has schooled No shame in that :wenger:
  13. Anthony Martial | 2020/21 Performances

    Love how he's showing true number 9 ability post lockdown and that continued and showed in spades tonight We've missed him massively in the league as against Spurs before the red card he started that game brilliantly and has continued that form in the 2 UCL games since. Gutting he's missing at...
  14. Fred is one of the most underrated players in England

    I never saw him for them, how did he play for them compared to how he does for us? Were there qualities at Shakhtar we've yet to see?