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  1. Paul Pogba | "Likes Torino"

    People blaming players are going to regret in the future. Manchester United have no clear sport project. The type of managers hired are incompatible with modern footbal. At least for big clubs.
  2. Our transfer strategy under ole looks as directionless as it did under the previous manager

    Problem is, its not clear which style of football Ole is trying to implement. So the transfers activities look similar to Real Madrid: sign expensive players, then see if they fit in the team. It would be better and probably cheaper to hire a manager with a known style and sign players for...
  3. German Football 21/22 | Gladbach:Brazil Wed, 20:30

    Just want to say Bayern is not gonna win anything in the next 07 years because you cursed them with that title.
  4. Would you want to see harsher punishment for stopping counter attacks?

    After a certain number of fouls, any player who commited the next one shoud be booked. Example: You can commit 05 fouls each half. After that is minimum yellow.
  5. Liga Portuguesa 20/21

    Some of you know if Jorge Jesus could leave because of those events? I believe they are going to call him to the Brazil nt after 2022.
  6. Kimmich or Kante?

    Maguire is better.
  7. Mbappe's Road to Redemption (Le chemin de la rédemption de Mbappé)

    Came to defend him, but jokes are too good here.
  8. ABBA

    It should be rounds of 1x1. If i score and you miss, game over. And i think pressure is a normal part of the situation.
  9. Has the cult of Mbappe become more important than the player?

    Dont want be rude, but i find those recent "Mbappe is not that good" or "same level as Rashy" threads cringeworthy.
  10. Is it time to burst Mbappe's bubble?

    He is vastly superior to Rashford. The difference in skills is colossal. I think this comparison is embarrassing to be honest.
  11. Next Spurs manager?

    Eduardo Coudet from Celta de Vigo would do well in the Premier League imo.
  12. Christian Eriksen

  13. LGBT issues in Football | Australian footballer Josh Cavallo Comes out as Gay

    I believe you didn't understand. He obviously think the LGBT protesters deserve be attacked by the poor neo nazis.
  14. Isak Hansen-Aarøen (Norwegian - Age increases annually)

    We have the best thread titles of the world in the Caf.
  15. This strange managerial transfer window

    Can't we hire some german coach?