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  1. Favourite United PL season?

    06/07 no doubt. Crazy to think it's been 15-16 years - feels more like 5-6. Followed by 07/08, 98/99, and 02/03.
  2. Paul Pogba officially leaves Manchester United

    Feels strange and ambivalent. I still remember following the transfer saga 24/7 for most of the summer in 2016 and being over the moon when he was finally announced. A shame that it never really worked out like we all wanted apart from a few purple patches here and there.
  3. Tennis 2022

    Vamos Rafa!
  4. Tennis 2022

    Comeback is on.
  5. NBA 2021-2022

    Joke of a call to end the half. Poor Giannis
  6. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    Waste of time this bunch of clowns.
  7. Manchester United vs Leicester City

    VAR is never gonna do anything.
  8. Manchester United vs Leicester City

  9. Manchester United vs Leicester City

    What a save.
  10. Music Red Hot Chili Peppers - Unlimited Love (New album out now!)

    I was/am a fan of their 90's stuff, but not much of their 00's+ music, although I haven't listened much to it. So far I'm positively surprised by this album, although it feels like I've heard half of the tunes before.
  11. LVG: Man Utd is a commercial club, not like Bayern Munich.

    Do you actually disagree with him?
  12. United Fans Expectation

    Our biggest "hope" of competing regularly again is a takeover by a Saudi prince, a Chinese billionaire, or maybe Elon Musk. Unless of course UEFA/The FA/FIFA decide to step up and do something. Until then I guess all we can realistically expect is the odd Champions League appearance and maybe...
  13. Harry Kane

    As he'll most likely cost north of £100m I hope we don't sign him. If we actually had a competitive squad he could have a RvP effect for a couple of seasons, but given the state of our squad I hope we invest in players with long-term perspective.