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  1. Wolves 20/21

    First 8 games (back 3/5) = F8 A9 Next 11 (back 4) = F13 A20 This is perhaps making things too simple, (not accounting for opposition and lots more) but you can see that maybe they wanted to open up and try to score more as they weren't exactly banging them in. It hasn't really worked and...
  2. Wayne Rooney retires from football - permanent Derby manager

    Only result-wise, don't know about tactically. Defence is looking mean so far. Lots of 0-0, 1-0, 0-1 kind of scorelines before managing to score 4 the other week. Lost 3 of the last 4 in all comps which isn't good but one of those was the FA Cup match vs. Chorley. He wasn't even there as was...
  3. Chelsea's longest serving player leaves after 10 years at club

    Signed the same summer, not exactly sure who was first. De Gea was confirmed on 29 June 2011. Jones was announced earlier, on 13 June but he was away with England U-21 at the same tournament De Gea was at with Spain U-21. Jones was said to be signing after the tournament but I don't know the...
  4. Chelsea's longest serving player leaves after 10 years at club

    Does he beat Lingard? Thought he was here when he was about 10 years old.
  5. What's the story with Lucas Piazon?

    Shame he missed out on a testimonial.
  6. Who are the most entertaining sides in the PL?

  7. "Week of Football" for european competitions

    Schwachsinn! 2-legged semis are brilliant from a drama perspective, and sort of act as a send off for the team as a lot of the crowd won't be able to go to the final. Denying home fans who can't travel, can't afford to or can't get tickets for this week of football from seeing the semi live...
  8. Who will win the Premier League?

    Just for a bit of comparison: Spreadex Sporting Index Explanation: Spread betting prices. The market currently predicts that teams will get between the low number and the high number of points. If you thought a team would get more than their high number, you 'buy' them. If you thought a...
  9. Jose Mourinho Sack Watch

    Juve or Inter would take him then if history is anything to go by.
  10. Who will win the Premier League?

    City. They're Spain from 2010.
  11. Solid yet unspectacular Premier League players

    Matthew Taylor, George Boateng, Luke Young, David Unsworth, Chris Perry, Steve Watson, Kevin Campbell, Paul Telfer, Ian Walker, Alan Wright, Luis Boa Morte, Gavin McCann, Wayne Routledge Just pulling names I don't think were mentioned yet off this list -...
  12. Solid yet unspectacular Premier League players

    Rufus Brevett, Steve Lomas, Linvoy Primus, Matt Elliott (my standards are dropping with each post I make)
  13. Solid yet unspectacular Premier League players

    Steven Davis, Nathan Redmond, Andros Townsend, Winston Reid, Steve Stone, Robbie Savage, Sebastian Larsson
  14. Solid yet unspectacular Premier League players

    O'Shea, Brown, Butt, Phil Neville? Edit: No didn't read the full OP at first before anyone asks! "Not good enough to play for a top side" so it rules them out. Mind you, solid players in lesser teams probably could be squaddies in better teams and vice versa much of the time. That lot...
  15. Solid yet unspectacular Premier League players

    These too good or do they fit the criteria? Joleon Lescott, Gareth Southgate, Ugo Ehiogu, Dave Watson, Sylvain Distin. Could do a whole list of central defenders like that. Sort of tier 2 club, fighting for Europe, certainly good, possibly an international but not quite a star kind of player...