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  1. Emmanuel Frimpong

    yeap, he will make 20+ appearences this season i reckon. Flannagan and Robinson are rubbish, compared. Did Dalglish even have a choice?
  2. Emmanuel Frimpong

    agree, hence why i said its not a stab at other managers. Im finally losing patience with wenger this transfer window.
  3. Emmanuel Frimpong

    cleverley's also 3 years older with alot more first team experience.
  4. Emmanuel Frimpong

    Ignorance of what?
  5. Emmanuel Frimpong

    I've been sleeping for the past 3 months.
  6. Emmanuel Frimpong

    He's gonnah ave a trial by fire this year, and the only reason why he won't succeed is if Wenger leave's/is given the punt. No other manager would probably sacrifice a season to let a player like him try and develop. They would probably just open the cheque book and fix the position. This is not...
  7. Man City's Line Up

    yet to be proven.
  8. Stupid things you've said to people you fancied

    Most perfect girl i can imagine ever or right now? Don't worry mate, you couldn't afford her anyway.
  9. Ten best transfers in the past decade

    no it didnt.
  10. L.A. Noir

    was solving the case of the best trade in price the funnest case for anyone else?
  11. Very well done!

    i didnt even watch the final, ive been insterstate often, projects at work have consumed me. I had planned to post this no matter the champions league result. I had some "bad luck" stuff in the post originally but took it out to make it only about the league. You got further then Arsenal in...
  12. Very well done!

    This is coming a bit late, as i have been under hte pump at work and haven't been able to visit the cafe at all. Just wanted to say well done on your title win this year. Your early season undefeated form really payed dividends late on in the season. While some say it may be a case of...
  13. Well done Spurs fans

    It's Boss, so there is nothing thinly veiled about it.
  14. Beckham statue revealed

  15. Well done Spurs fans

    im with pogue though, if it wasn't their first season in Champions League and were actually hoping to get anywhere the uproar would be similar to Arsenal. (ok i might of bent pogues words a bit)