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  1. Paulo Dybala

    Fair play man, well put. As the great man said "lads, its Tottenham". The negativity some people post amazes me. You'll probably come back and say your being a realist or some other BS like that, but it's being negative and shown no belief. It's feckin Spurs at the end of the day, the biggest...
  2. Paulo Dybala

    Im glad the club have coped on and not bring in players that have no desire to play for one of the biggest clubs in the world. He doesn't fit the PL mould. Move on now and get players with hunger and ability. Serious look at at a CDM and Bruno would be ideal!
  3. Paulo Dybala

    Why would his agent and director of football at Juve bother travelling to the UK if the lad didn't want to join? I'm only following SSN, but i think this story does have legs
  4. Paulo Dybala

    According to Sky in Italy, he wants to stay in Turin. Shock horror!
  5. Ruthless Strategy - 10 out, 10 in.

    Martial? Matic? You need squad players too i know, but Martial is over rated an has offered feck all for a long time now. I agree with you on all of the above with the exception of De Gea. He's having a bad season. However, it would be a big mistake i feel to try and offload him in the summer...
  6. The State of the Anti-United Media (Or just the state of the club it seems)

    I dont think Jose has lost the dressing room and I think players getting paid so much should be under scrutiny. Luke Shaw has potential, but hasn't looked like reaching Mourinho standards and it's not bullying as the media portraits. The fella is just not good enough for United. I'd like to see...
  7. The State of the Anti-United Media (Or just the state of the club it seems)

    Woke up yesterday and the first 7 out of 10 headlines in the daily mail were Man United related. Everyone of them were negative about the club. These lads are getting paid to write this shit, it sickens me how so many journo's have nothing better to do than write about a club going through a...
  8. Post match vs Sevilla

    Agreed. That was a disgraceful performance and he has the cheek to play it all down in his post match interview. Woodward won't have the back bome to sack him + can't see him leaving. Jesus!! it was one of the most frustrating 2 legs of football I have ever witnessed.
  9. We're in a fight for 2nd

    Finishing 2nd should be one of three goals until the end of the season. We should be favourites to win FA cup, have a good CL run (let's be optimistic and say final) and then finish 2nd above Liverpool. From what I can I see we are always looking for an extra player whether it be LB or RW. I...
  10. Have we significantly improved since we got rid of LVG?

    I don't think we have improved hugely. We have acquired better individual players, but we still do not look like a team. The last few weeks are really concerning. The fixtures we have coming up in the next few weeks will really show what Jose is all about, but for me he has lost something about...