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  1. Anthony Elanga | 2020/21 Performances

    When watching the game, I kept thinking what it could be if we send in Hannibal rather than Mata there. I just felt we probably could have a lot of more dynamics from our transition.
  2. Anthony Elanga | 2020/21 Performances

    We all know he is very pacy! ;) the issue today is that our midfield and full backs cannot prepare a quick transition from defensive to offensive play. Thus, none of front three have space and opportunity to run really. With McFred and Bruno, our transition can be lightening fast. Today, we were...
  3. McFred is the worst midfield 2 of the PL’s top 10 teams

    Without McFred, we were just pinned in our own half for almost 80% of game. This thread is pathetic really.
  4. Anthony Elanga | 2020/21 Performances

    Pleased to see he had a run out today. This is the first experience he has. But, without a good midfield setup, we rarely had space for him and Amad to exploit.
  5. Amad Diallo | 2020/21 Performances

    It looks like the concern about his lack of physicality might be overstated. I think he just needs more game time really, especially if the team sets up a good foundation such as McFred in the midfield.
  6. Manchester United vs Leicester City

    Unbelievable! We have two players, Greenwood and Matic, standing out to play as the real leaders! Cheers! So happy to see the youngsters, Elanga and Amad, play with confidence. The chemistry will gel in so I am not concerned and just hope them having a great second half.
  7. U23's: Derby (H) Monday 7pm

    Absolutely! The intentional kick by that No.11 will be a sure red card in the professional games. Disgusting behavior!
  8. U23's: Derby (H) Monday 7pm

    I just watched the video again. Not only No.11, but also No.7 and No.6. They somehow were humiliated because they just couldn’t get the ball off from Hannibal no matter how hard they tried. Then, they decided to race to get close to Hannibal just to knock him out.
  9. U23's: Derby (H) Monday 7pm

    Who is the No.11 in the Derby team? He is so disgusting! As a person, he must be disgusting as well. I don’t get why some of our fan base think Hannibal behave badly in this situation!
  10. Hannibal Mejbri - Manchester United Player

    Yeah, you are right about CB situation. We somehow miss Jones now.
  11. Hannibal Mejbri - Manchester United Player

    Leicester has high pressing unit working very well. We probably need to start B team. If the players are comfortable to play 3-1-4-2, we can put Hannibal alongside VDB with two wing backs, GK Lindelof - Bailly - Tuanzanbe Matic William-VDB-Hannibal-Telle Greenwood-Elanga
  12. Tyrone Mings stamp on Zlatan | He’s at it again

    Exactly. He is just a super dirty cnut. I guess many didn’t notice that incident. He intentionally clamp and hold Bruno’s head for seconds and pretended it is by accident.
  13. McFred is the worst midfield 2 of the PL’s top 10 teams

    Pogba will go to nowhere as I am quite certain now. Juventus is the only option but they are so bad at the moment. They probably have one of the most aged squad. I would keep Matic for another year. He is still very useful in the last 20 mins of a game when the opponent tired out.
  14. Hannibal Mejbri - Manchester United Player

    I hope him get a chance tue.
  15. James Garner

    Let’s reform FA! Shocking!