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  1. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    Ole seems to have "treble" ingrained into him. Whatever competition he enters, he can't stand to let us do any better than 3rd position.
  2. Manchester United vs Leicester City

    late to the party, anyone recommend a nice river this time of year? thank you
  3. Crystal Palace vs Manchester United

    rivers are so nice this time of year, any recommendations would be lovely.
  4. Manchester United vs Hull City

    A smashing landslide win for us against Hull and a post-Payet West Ham revival against Citeh would be lovely, finally out of that 6th spot that we've been stuck in for months as well as being one set of results from being on the same points second in our next game! Asking a lot I know...
  5. Transfer Tweets - 2017 | When posting a tweet in a foreign language, post English translation too

    Probably put the wrong actor, meant to be George Clooney as the next Nespresso advertiser
  6. Sergio Romero | 2016/17 Performances

    Just one against Northampton of all teams! 4/5 clean sheets this season, his overall record is pretty good too.
  7. Best "first 3 goals for United" - Mkhitaryan?

    MUTV have been bringing up quite a lot this week that Henrikh Mkhitaryan first 3 goals for us have been rather special. "Can you remember any other player scoring their first three goals for United where all of them have been stunners?" and similar lines of questioning. Off the top of my head...
  8. Swansea City vs Manchester United

    I may regret this, but i may i please have a river...
  9. Ibrahimovic number discussion

    I believe David May wasn't happy he had to give up his #4 to Veron I don't mind what he wears, but he seems like the type that would like the pressure of one of the more famed shirt numbers.
  10. Nani

    Ah balls, missed that, well done sir. Nani's free-kicks went straight in, right? I don't remember any going in Off The Wall. He could potentially be one of the best wingers on the face of the Earth. Song, Rigobert or Alex, are shite in comparison, Nani could be the top Man. In the Mirror or...
  11. Nani

    It's like talking to a Rock With You, one part of me thinks that in terms of opinion You're Just, Another Part of Me thinks you're being petty. However, The Way You Make Me Feel about the prospect of Nani returning and doing those great goals from outside the box is something I Just Can't Stop...
  12. Nani

    Yeah, some of his skills were so Smooth, Criminal not to be able to see those on a regular basis, on his day he was hard to Beat. It would be a big surprise though and don't know if his wounds from his acrimonious departure could Heal. The World will enjoy an in-form Nani, I expect a lot of...
  13. Manchester United vs Watford

    Any rivers for me to see how bad it is? thank you
  14. Juan Mata | 2015/16 Performances

    Right before he struck the penalty he must have had a flashback of the awkwardness he felt when asked about Vangle's "horny" quote. Other than that, thought he was decent.
  15. Rooney's form - improving?

    I didn't realise Colleen was up the duff all these months, surely knowing his baby and missus are fine would have had an effect.