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    Brilliant charge from KXI in the last few games. Love to see it. Any team that has Gayle, Nicky P and Maxwell in it will always have my support, even if I don’t actually strongly back any team in the IPL.
  • Agreed. Especially when you look at Kante and Mahrez that jumped ship at the first opportunity (Which I'm not saying is a problem and they're fully entitled to do so), it makes it all the more special that Vardy stayed with them.
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    Ha ha ha. Rodgers continues doing good work.
  • Yeah. He wouldn't have won anything of great significance at Arsenal, bar maybe one or two FA cups, and just been a footnote at the club. At Leicester he's solidified his legacy and will go down as one of their greatest ever players. All things...
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    They would do well to keep Hillary far, far away from this campaign
  • They have their uses in certain games, as I said. PSG, Bayern Munich etc, sure. Against a Chelsea team far from world beaters? I don’t think so.
  • A midfield pairing of Fred and McT is way too agricultural for United. We’re trying to play football not till the land. It should only ever be one of them in the team, unless it’s a match that we’re expecting to be the completely underdog in. If...
  • So how are they determining who’s good enough? FIFA ratings? International appearances really should not be taken into account since there are are only so many international places. For example, a player from France might struggle to break into...
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    Without a doubt. Like I said in the other thread, I am very glad that every business that is partaking in this are making it clear that they have to do so because the government refuses to help.
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    I agree with you that it is disgusting to see them spewing this nonsense, but on the other hand, for me at least, social media has lifted the curtain on these sort of people. If social media didn't exist, and you told me that there were people...
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    The most telling thing about all of this for me isn't the politicians, but the people. There are actual citizens of the UK that are upset that Rashford is doing this, to keep children fed. What sort of people could be upset about that?
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    Hope we get to see some Cavani. He's going to end up being a significant player in our season.
  • No you're not wrong. Sadly that's the way the world works. The people least in need of free stuff get the most free stuff.
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    :lol: Yes because a permanent manned presence on the moon is exactly what we need right now
  • Football these days is such that, for the most part, the wide players are the main source of goals and the largest attacking threat, rather than the strikers. Liverpool have been the best team in England for a couple years now, and their biggest...