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  • Actually that transfer window was really genius. They were at god's level before Corona break and came back as a solid team after the break. Now they just added some young promising talents to the squad and that's basically it. I believe that...
  • C'mon FC replied to the thread Eric Dier.
    He reminds me of Andreas Ottl at Bayern back then. A player who should never play for a top team nor in 1st devision. No idea why I keep seeing him on the pitch in the starting squad. Any explanation other than Mourinho wants to get sacked?
  • James is a player you can add in any jogo bonito squad. Elegant but still effective when he is on the ball, he is able to create lots of room and chances for his teammates but when his team is without the ball he turns from Dr. Jekyll to Mr...
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    Not surprised at all about the result. Only thing: There is no winner and Messi is the loser of this!