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  1. Business Metric: Ed has fleeced the Glazers

    This is true. We also seem to suffer a disproportionate number of injuries which is probably linked to the poor fitness regimes. From top to bottom we have problems. Any success we achieve has to be attained against all these odds. It was not always like this of course. Great job Ed.
  2. Bruno fans vs Pogba fans - Why?

    This is a vital point. Pogba needs more time to get back to his best. I'm delighted to have both of these guys at United. I don't see why we need to denigrate one to praise the other.
  3. MEN: Manchester United step up transfer activity after Crystal Palace defeat

    There is something comical about a complete amatuer who thinks he can compete with world class professionals. Our very own Eddie the Eagle.
  4. MEN: Manchester United step up transfer activity after Crystal Palace defeat

    If this story is true it merely confirms the shambolic nature of the strategic planning at the club. If it's not, and simply a leak to a journalist to try to calm the angry fan base, it's indicative of a truly unprofessional approach to Public Relations. It's hard to escape the conclusion that...
  5. Ed Woodward 2020/21 | Groundhog Day Edition

    Brave man to ask Al Capone that question...
  6. Ed Woodward 2020/21 | Groundhog Day Edition

    In my opinion what we are witnessing is not strategic caution but a failure of ambition. It stretches credibility that the executives who have consistently made wrong choices for United have suddenly become strategic geniuses.
  7. Ed Woodward 2020/21 | Groundhog Day Edition

    This is so true. Incredible that some people continue to trust Woodward and cling on to the belief that there's a clever strategy at play here.
  8. Ed Woodward 2020/21 | Groundhog Day Edition

    The potential to get back to being seriously competitive has been squandered in this window. That's the reason for the feelings of frustration and anger.
  9. Ed Woodward 2020/21 | Groundhog Day Edition

    Completely agree. It was clear to almost everyone as the window opened that we needed to move on some players and strengthen in three or four areas. Operating on the one-at-a-time negotiating strategy that United have adopted we have secured one player. Even if we see a flurry of activity and Ed...
  10. Ed Woodward 2020/21 | Groundhog Day Edition

    I honestly tried to address the arguments raised rather than attack the poster. You feel that Woodward has learnt from past mistakes. I don't. I think United would be well rid of him. You're perfectly entitled to your opinion of course. You acknowledged the mistakes that he has made during his...
  11. Ed Woodward 2020/21 | Groundhog Day Edition

    Not sure how you come to the conclusion that losing patience with a serial failure is an overreaction. Your faith that Woodward has finally found the secret of success is touching though. Glad you liked the story, can't claim it as mine alas, it's been around for years.
  12. Ed Woodward 2020/21 | Groundhog Day Edition

    How many chances does Woodward get? Blaming Van Gaal and Mourinho raises the question of who appointed them. If these world class managers failed (and they did by United standards) there are two possibilities: either they weren't supported by the club or they were the wrong choice in the first...
  13. Ed Woodward 2020/21 | Groundhog Day Edition

    This is exactly right. Even when we get the right players it's almost always at the end of a slow, protracted and expensive process that highlights the comical ineptitude of Ed Woodward and his acolytes. I wish they would stick to negotiating marketing deals with confectioners and airlines and...
  14. Woodward, Glazers....

    I hope you don't mean a mob descending on Ed Woodward's house? Not only was that morally wrong it was also entirely counter productive. It elicited a lot of sympathy for Ed Woodward and effectively killed off a rapidly growing anti-Glazer/Woodward movement. You're right about a PR campaign...
  15. Opinion: Upcoming Season Is Going To Be Tough

    This seems such a prescient analysis. Completely agree that injuries to one or two critical players or failure to invest in quality and quantity will expose our failings. I feel sorry for Ole, if he fails to get proper support it will mean all of the potential of the side will be wasted and...