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  1. United Stand

    I watch the show from time to time and the host of it certainly hates to be criticized or second-guessed in any way. People are sending this guy money and he's ripping them apart. Had to turn it off today about 20 minutes in, was getting on my nerves.
  2. Next United manager 2020/21 edition

    Nagelsman 100%
  3. What is Dan James good at?

    For God's sake leave him alone. He's been played out of position and was forced into the starting 11 for a majority of the season when he absolutely should have had time to come in as a sub and work his way into the team. If you want to ask what someone is good at, then ask what is lingard good...
  4. Leeds v Chelsea '70 FA Cup Final replay (aka a fight interspersed with football)

    The white picket fence is classic, need to bring that back for the conclusion of this season.
  5. Canned crowd noise during Corona - Yay or Nay?

    Absolutely yes and a full stadium of cardboard cut-outs of fans.
  6. Could they void the PL due to the Coronavirus? | No | Resuming June 17th

    Major League Baseball is talking about sequestering all the teams in Arizona and playing BCD at the facilities there, which are all within 50 miles. The Premiere League could do this in London. I know it won't work, but it's an idea.
  7. Sunderland ‘Til I Die | Season 2 on Netflix on 1st April

    I don't see a problem with that, as long as they sell the club to somebody who wants to continue building it back to where it should be. Besides the big six in the Premier League, Sunderland get more publicity in the United States than probably anybody else. Still looks like a good deal to me...
  8. Sunderland ‘Til I Die | Season 2 on Netflix on 1st April

    The club is for sale (40 million supposedly), seems like a good investment for some billionaire out there, considering they still considered one of the 20 biggest clubs in England. I'd much rather pay the 40 for Sunderland than the 150 plus for some shit MLS team and I live in the United States...
  9. Watching old football matches

    I know this has been posted, but just in case
  10. While football is suspended, what past matches would you recommend to watch?

    Absolutely wonderful website, thank you so much for posting this!
  11. Could they void the PL due to the Coronavirus? | No | Resuming June 17th

    Do we know that for sure or does this come from their official news agency?
  12. Which teams do you most enjoy watching - United aside?

    I am fairly sure supporting Manchester United does not qualify you as a glory hunter anymore. I'm from the States and watch the Premiere league, Championship, League 1, League 2, Champions league, Bundesliga, Serie A, FA cup and League cup every time they are on. I love MUFC and football in...
  13. Could they void the PL due to the Coronavirus? | No | Resuming June 17th

    The NCAA Basketball Tournament is going to be played behind closed doors. I know it's no big deal in the rest of the world, but here in the US it's very popular.
  14. Odion Ighalo | 2020 Performances

    MLS not MSL and the level of play is approximately mid-table League 1, but better than China by far.