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  1. First team to win 4 consecutive EPL games by 3+ goals

    This is exactly what I said. We didn't know how to break down a bus, now we can. Minus 1 problem to solve, more to go, not done yet.
  2. First team to win 4 consecutive EPL games by 3+ goals

    Don't get too carry away with the recent results. We do have the easiest bunch of opponents in the last 8 games, that is because we played the hardest games in the previous 30 games. The only significant indication to me, is that we used to struggle in breaking down bus during the initial 30...
  3. long-term contracts for over 30s

    30m easy? 6 months ago might still be possible, nowadays which club is capable of 30m cash? Most will come in with a swap offer...
  4. 80 League Goals

    If Sancho comes, Greenwood will not get 15 league goals. Total 15+ goals for sure but not enough league appearance. Pogba should also score 10+ goal if he stays. I think Bruno might get 18-20 goals if he remains the Penalty and free kick taker.
  5. long-term contracts for over 30s

    Put yourself in Matic (or Mata or Young or anyone near 30 years old) shoe, you want a longish deal to secure your future. That's why we give a longish extension when players are near 28-29, roll it into their 33-34 years old, thereafter 1 year rolling extension. 99% top players actually play on...
  6. Is it possible to get offensive productivity out of our full-backs?

    Do you mean Gary Neville not a great crosser of the ball? Take away his cross, his overlapping run, Gary is what?
  7. Is it possible to get offensive productivity out of our full-backs?

    Get Neville or Evra to be assistant coach and train all of them on how to make overlapping run and cross.
  8. Mctominay and Fred, do we need both?

    Exactly, we don't need James would be next when people think we don't need a 4th attacking player. The only odd men out are Lingard and perhaps Periera. if Mata could be a good squad backup, then 1 of these 2 youngsters would be not so useful.
  9. £36 million front three, 55 goals.

    But it can also mean spending a bargain 200m (instead of 300m) on Sanchez, James R and Coutinho and sit on the bill for the next 4 seasons... When things work out you are a genius, when they don't...
  10. Selling Lukaku...

    And Inghalo for his aerial threat.
  11. £36 million front three, 55 goals.

    No, 36m may be the 1st instalment, we put in another 8 or 9m after X no. of goals, which we paid up last year?
  12. Post match vs Bournemouth

    Horror show at the back, luckily it was Bournemouth with plenty of holes, and Greenword shine.
  13. Maybe Lindelof isn’t the problem...

    Are you Mourinho? When you attack, and most fans prefer continue attacking instead of parking the bus, leaving gap behind the full back is inevitable, unless you play 352. To fill up the gap, you rely on MF and your CB to do the job. In fact, conceding the 1st goal had nothing to do with gap or...
  14. Our Defence - Has it actually been fixed?

    Agree with most of your comment except 1 point - "..Between them they can cover each other's weaknesses and form a solid defensive unit, but it won't rival the best units of recent times that we've seen at City or Liverpool or indeed United in days of yore..." Vidic and Rio were not the fastest...
  15. Did Paul Scholes underachieve relative to his talent?

    At Domestic competition level, may be an extra EPL trophy, but to be fair, he has achieved more than enough. At European competition level, perhaps an extra CL trophy, but this is more about the entire team, not Scholes' deficiency. At international level, well, English fans should comment...