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  1. Ed Woodward 2020/21 | Groundhog Day Edition

    VDG was bang on, when he was the manager he wanted some major signings, he told Ed this is a big club we need to think like a big club the way we carry on is embarrasing, we act like a 2 bob club trying to scrounge for pennies behind the sofa
  2. Jadon Sancho| Staying at Dortmund for now

    tbh im bored with this saga.. if Dortmund arent playing ball, i would go for Bale (if reports are right that RM would let him go for 20-30m)for next season or two and then get sancho then, hes still young, plenty of time left..
  3. Rashford | Food for kids campaign continues

    this is England 2020 what is embarrasing to me is, that Poverty even exists in this country, we are one of the worlds richest countries yet we wont do anything about it..we still have money to spend money on things we dont need to spend money on, like, lets relay this motorway which we only did...
  4. Greenwood and Foden kicked out of England squad for bringing girls into hotel room

    think the main headline is, they actually bought girls back to their room, in this day and age that aint normal!!
  5. Lionel Messi

    i think the worse for Messi has already happened. He got some proper legal advice instead of his brother who is his "adviser" and his dad the Agent, who took one look at his contract and said Messi, you aint got a leg to stand on mate, you missed the legal date. end of.
  6. Lionel Messi

    Am i being naive here. i always thought the player was an employee of the club, not the other way around. for Messi to tell his employers they need to go???? truly the player is bigger than the club in this instance
  7. Lionel Messi

    they probably did, over 5 years its not a lot relatively speaking.. sheikhs reall thing is now, a a rebuild costs major money, if they do make money from a messi sale, every other club will want premium prices, just the way Liverpool mugged them with coutinho after they sold neymar- ironic...
  8. Lionel Messi

    the best source of info - these guys are well connected
  9. Lionel Messi

    in my perfect dream, Messi should stick with Barcelona for this year, and have all those niggling back injuries ruling him out of playing, but still link up with Bale for a few rounds of golf, that would be a "El classico" imagine the spanish press then!
  10. Donny van de Beek /beːk/| Manchester United Player

    like fergie used to say, the midfield is the engine room, and we have been lacking in that area for a while- i mean how long did it take to replace Scholes etc ( not saying Pogba/Fernandes.VdB are the new scholes)
  11. Jadon Sancho| Staying at Dortmund for now

    what i dont understand is why is every transfer window a never ending saga/drama with us? look at chelsea, quick couple of signings no headlines, same with city as soon as Bournemouth went down they got Ake, whilst we are still too busy zipping/unzipping our pants it seems
  12. Angel Gomes - Will he stay or will he go? | Contract Expired 30th June and he's left the club

    If he wanted more game time we could have loaned him out ourselves? Even used him as a add on loan to any transfer proposal?
  13. Angel Gomes - Will he stay or will he go? | Contract Expired 30th June and he's left the club

    yep why not stay here and we could have loaned him to Dortmund as part of a sancho deal :)
  14. Jadon Sancho| Staying at Dortmund for now

    plus it hel The deadline of August 10th I’m guessing aug 10 2020 right? Not 2021?
  15. Angel Gomes - Will he stay or will he go? | Contract Expired 30th June and he's left the club

    i didnt mind the fact that he chose to leave to progress etc but when i read he was offered 30k a week and his camp felt that was short of what he wanted!! seriously is 30k a week not enough now???? if youre good enough here you get better contracts as you progress... sorry Gomes you need to...