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  • I would appreciate if you would do that (delete thread posts). Thank you.
    Alright, I'll sleep on it. Thank you.
    Would be a shame to lose an opposition fan so hope you do reconsider after sleeping on it. I can delete the messages from the thread if you want.
    Hi, can you please permanently delete my account? Thanks.
    Are you sure? We don't delete accounts but I can ban it.
    Damien. Also a newbie with full name showing. Could you please change to "Contano" if at all possible ? Thanks in advance, John
    Done, sorry for the delay. Didn't get an alert for some reason.
    Hi there,

    Could I possibly get my username changed? it uses my full name ( dont know why i did that!)

    If Skubah is available then may It be changed to that please?

    Thanks for your time!
    Smashing mate! cheers!
    Greetings, can you change my username to "Rifer" instead?

    Sorry for this being the second time, but current username is discomforting since apparently it refers to something which is just not nice.

    Many thanks.
    Web of Bissaka
    Thanks, and the one recent tag, joke mate. Have a good day.
    I signed up a few years back with my own name, and am not comfortable using it. Can you please change it to Highfather_24?
    Hi Damien,
    I signed up some years ago with a name to close to my own, I'm not comfortable with it now that I want to start posting some more. Would you be able to change it? OsloRed would be fine if it is available.
    Thank you
    Awesome, thank you!
    Hi Damien,
    Can you please permanently ban me from the site. I erroneously posted that Liam miller has passed without proper verification. I’m absolutely horrified by it. I abhor the grief porn of social media and what I did has only fed into it. Thank you and good luck with everything
    Don't be silly, we all make mistakes. It is clear you seriously regret posting it - just be careful in future.
    Couch potato 82
    Thanks Niall but I’d really appreciate it if you could close my account please. In the horrors. Thanks again.
    If you feel you must be punished, I'll ban you for a few days and if you still feel the same when you come back let me know. It'd be a shame to lose you over a genuine mistake which you truly regret.
    Hi Damien could you please review my recent ban for apparently "wumming", as I think it is highly unfair considering that I clearly was not wumming and only had an opinion that was not the view of the majority. Other people also stated similar without being banned. Could you please review my ban message and my reply to Jojojo in the ban message inbox for further information.

    Thanks in advance
    Hey Damien,

    Just curious: do you Staff members and Admins actually work for/at the website as in full time jobs?

    looool n00b get rekt
    don't ever ask silly questions again
    don't ever come back or you'll get band
    Do you think we will get Perisic.We do need a specialist winger, don't you think.
    I think we do but I think he'll be staying at Inter.
    Hi mate, I have been a member for ages, and I think you can tell im a proper fan . TRFC is my 1st childhood team, but MU are my 2nd team. Any chance I can be a full member now please? Ignore the tranmere stuff please! Plus I probably hate lfc even more than I love my 2 teams!

    Any chance?
    Consider it done, mate.
    Hey Damien, just a quick question. I'm unable to see the tweet counter for the Transfer Tweets like I was able to about a week ago. I've tried this on a pc and iPhone. Is this a normal issue or am i doing something wrong? Cheers
    Do you have "Receive alerts when new tweets are posted" on the transfer tweets page ticked?
    I do now. Thanks. I didn't even know that checkbox existed. Much appreciated.
    Hey Damien, would you be able to change my username to SS please? I regretted my current one not long after I joined, but I figured it would be best to wait until after I was promoted to ask.

    Wow, that was rapid. Thanks bud.
    Hi Damien. Could you please help me with a username change to Nickelodeon?

    Thanks in advance.
    Changed. No problem.
    Thanks man. Appreciate it.
    Sorry to bother you good sir, but any chance of a username change to Hans Moleman

    Also, dunno who is in charge of such things, but could Mitchell be added to the lineup predictor?

    Actually here to ask about "How to change my 'supports'?"

    I prefer to leave it empty instead.

    That and also "Can you change my username to just 'Reafer'?"

    :) Thanks in advance.
    Only admins can change Support section once set. I've removed it for you and changed your name.
    Web of Bissaka

    Hi. Is it possible to change my account name/username? Just this once.
    Sure. What to?
    "Francoruud" would be just fine. Appreciate it mate!
    Why is the De Gea transfer Speculation thread open to Rival Fans ?
    It's impossible to have a thread that can only be posted in by United fans.
    Hey bud
    Could delete my thread "move along, nothing to see here" please
    Done. Sorry the thread didn't go well. Lot of clowns in the General
    Hey Damien

    Can my username be changed to SirMattBugsby? I feel it's more appropriate for the forum.

    Hi, sorry bothering you
    Could you please remove my "Support" row? And how do I change my title from "Full Member" to others, if okay could you please change it to "T A"?
    Many thanks
    Sorted both.
    So fast, greatly appreciated bro

    I don't really remember why I did it but is it possible to change who I "Support" and leave it empty? I don't really have a connection to any club, just enjoy watching football and certain players, and hating Liverpool.

    Thank you for your time.
    Hi bud I've deleted everything off my iPad but still can't login yet I've logged in ok on my iPhone
    Hmm I don't use iOS at all so can't be much use. Looks like a few others in the thread have had same problem though. One of the iOS users should be able to help hopefully
    Just posted again in the thread, it seems to have sorted itself out somehow, just posted a bit of info.
    Hello Damien,

    Can I please change my username? I signed up using my full name not knowing there would be no option to change it. I Don't mind something simple like Alex B Just not comfortable with my full name being shown. If i can have a nickname could I please have No profanity (my ff team name) or Kitt.88.

    Thank you in advance.

    I would like my account to be closed down please, can you do this for me?
    If you're sure. If you change your mind, message the caf twitter account.
    Sorry to be a pain I've changed my mind. I'd like to keep it after all thanks.
    No problem.
    Hi Damian, I'm in the Newbie forum, last time I earn the right to comment on the Match day section; I fulfill the form Niall created on google form but I can't comment the Match day section, it seems I don't have insufficient privileges to reply there. I wanted to ask if my privilege was revoked?
    You've got permissions, its just that the season is over now so all match threads are locked. When preseason starts and new threads are up you'll be able to reply again :)
    ah, ok. thanks
    Appreciate your intervention in the Henderson thread, as a father of someone with Aspergers and friends with a number of people who's kids have DS i was disgusted by the comments. I, for one, would have been leaving the forums if there had been no intervention. Thanks again.
    Hey man, sorry to bother you but was just wondering on the rules of linking my website on my profile page. I run a Call of Duty site and is in dire need of activity and was just wondering where I stand on using that as a URL on my homepage. I know links to other forums are generally bad practice so I am asking of your thoughts first as I don't want to break any rules here.
    You're fine to enter it in the "Home Page" box on the following page: it'll then show up in your profile in the sidebar on the left. You can't post it anywhere else on the site, but should help increase activity a bit for those who do browse your profile or even see this comment on my profile and want to find out more about it so go to yours.
    Hi Damien.i have posted in newbie forum looking for help from fellow Reds. The response has been great and lots have suggested I contact a staff member to see if you could put my post on the main forum to get even more much needed help from my fellow United this possible?
    Mike Smith
    Awesome. help flying in already.obbvuously being a newbie I can't reply to thank people.Would you mind when you get a chance just saying how much me and the kids appreciate it.Cheers
    yep, done
    I'm really glad and privileged to be promoted, but I can't access the Introduction thread with "you don't have permission to view this page" message showing up. Newbie forum is still accessible for me. I will be very thankful if you can sort this out.

    Sorry, wasn't around. I assume it's all sorted now?
    Yup, sorted. Thanks again for your support Damien.
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