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  1. Florentino Pérez: The saviour of football.

    I was obviously against this before, but after reading those quotes from Perez it’s left me even more confused. Why are teams like United and City bothered about saving Madrid and Barca. They’ve fecked their own finances through mismanagement and also just got a €600 million loan for putting a...
  2. The lesser of two evils? Champions League announces new format from 2024

    Just do the Super League, but without the ring fenced clubs.
  3. What damage does the Super League do to domestic leagues?

    If they do stay in the Premier League, where do they fit in all these extra games? I’m assuming it basically kills the league cup, and potentially the FA too? It’s 18 games before the quarters instead of 8 right?
  4. F1 2021 Season

    I’m not sure why there’s so much moaning about the restart. It’s just an extreme version of what happens every race with the safety car. Not only do lapped drivers get to unlap themselves (would have happened if the race wasn’t red flagged yesterday), but any lead is essentially wiped out and...
  5. Harry Maguire | 2020/21 Performances

    The same Tarkowski who got completely done by Rashford. If that happened to Maguire, people would be killing him for it.
  6. F1 2021 Season

    You just knew that was going to happen. Really unlucky for Lewis, there’s nothing more he could have done there.
  7. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    What was the ref doing? He had his gloves up and nodded his head to say he was okay. I’m glad I avoided most of the build up to this though, I’ll be more interested to see him get starched by someone like McGregor or Bisping.
  8. Gaming Football Manager 2021 (FM21)

    Yeah I’d agree. If they are genuinely a good prospect then keep them in the first team squad at all costs, even if you’re only bringing them in for sub appearances. You can always put them in for reserve games too. I’ve got a 2.5 star rated winger, potential 5 star who has just turned 16. I’m...
  9. Europa League SF Draw | United vs Roma

    I think it probably would have been better to get two legs to defeat Arsenal, as we’ve had a couple of weird results recently against them. Although it would definitely give the final something extra to be playing Arsenal, I can see it being one of those build ups where you’re excited about it...
  10. Ian Darke

    It says something when even Robbie Savage gave up laughing at his jokes. BT genuinely have a horrific line up of pundits. It doesn’t help that we seem seem to have Humphries, Scholes, Hargreaves for every game.
  11. Manchester United vs Granada

    Yes. I wanted Ole to bring Mata on for the right, James to the left and take Bruno off. I’m not sure why you’re finding that difficult to understand.
  12. Manchester United vs Granada

    I posted it before the sub!
  13. Manchester United vs Granada

    fecking hell, just put Mata on the right and James on the left. Why is Bruno playing still, and out of position at that.
  14. Manchester United vs Granada

    Their bench screaming at Pogba for that tackle. Absolute wankers.
  15. Manchester United vs Granada

    The thing I don’t get is that everyone pretty much accepts one more foul and Pogba is off. But why should it be? He’s committed 2 fouls and one was yellowed. There’s no way that three fouls = persistent fouling and a yellow. Ask Thiago or Fernandinho.