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  1. Erling Haaland

  2. The MMA thread

    I thought Rogan/DC were correct in their assessment about Izzy's feints early on - Jan was biting and it meant he couldn't set his feet and generate his usual power. It was incorrect however to say he was being 'outstruck'. It was a mostly even fight on the feet and then Jan pulled away with his...
  3. 10 centre backs and a goalie vs 10 wingers and a goalie

    Boring af game. 0-0 or 1-0 Team CB depending on whether they win a corner or free-kick in a good area. Think it would be virtually impossible to score against a flat back-four of say Varane, Dias, Van Dijk, Kimpembe with Ramos and Marquinhos shielding in front.
  4. Premier League Gameweek 27

    Xhaka is possibly the dumbest player in world football. Zero IQ. Easy ball was on to Luiz first time with his right-foot, you do not get 2 touches in the PL in your own penalty area facing towards goal.
  5. Mason Mount

    I will literally never forgive Chelsea for recalling him from us mid-season just to send him on loan to another Championship club. Pretty much the reason we got relegated.
  6. Rashford - Playing through injury (again)

    Agreed. They are really the only two guys who seem to be able to create chances on their own or win matches for you. If Pogba's playing that eases some of the burden, but then again he's usually forced in to deeper double-pivot role which doesn't help. Neither does the complete lack of any...
  7. Thiago Alc*ntara aka The Fingerer of Merseyside | Liverpool Player

    That thread about swapping Thiago with VDB might have been on to something (not that it would ever happen now). He'd look great at Utd in a double-pivot, offers the type of creativity that is sorely lacking if Fernandes has an off day and Pogba isn't playing, whilst offering control that nobody...
  8. Rashford - Playing through injury (again)

    Correct. That said, he is still United's 2nd most indispensable player at the moment.
  9. Mason Mount

    Are you too old to understand how Google works as well?
  10. Jamie Carragher

    100% agree.
  11. Revisiting the Liverpool game at Anfield (0-0)

    Did they not try and win the game? Seem to remember the two best chances of the game falling to Fernandes and Pogba near the end. They just didn't take them. Ole himself said he was disappointed to only come away with a point.
  12. Pick three players from 1999, and 2008 to go into our current side

    Van Der Sar 08 Neville 99 Ferdinand 08 Maguire Shaw Keane 99 Pogba Fernandes Giggs 99 Cavani Ronaldo 08 -- Honestly think this solves every problem in the current side. A GK who's good with his feet, commands his area and doesn't make mistakes - check. A RB who will get to the byline and...
  13. Man City 2020/21 - General discussion

    1. Source? I've only ever heard Silva at £43m and Ake at £40m-ish. 2. These still aren't over £50m mate. :lol:
  14. Man City 2020/21 - General discussion

    Their spend since Pep took over hasn't been much different from United's - they've just used it better. Let's not pretend United don't have a ludicrously expensive squad as well: Maguire - world record for a defender. Pogba - 2nd most expensive player ever at the time. Shaw - most expensive...
  15. NFL 2021

    Would love to see Donald's stats here. Pretty sure he gets tripled more than most players get double-teamed.