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  1. Music What are we listening to?

  2. The [non] use of Van de Beek - Ole's player?

    I too am hopeful.
  3. The [non] use of Van de Beek - Ole's player?

    You'll need to speak to Ole about that.
  4. The [non] use of Van de Beek - Ole's player?

    He's the Pogba replacement.
  5. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    James is so out of his depth.
  6. Paris St Germain vs Manchester United

    That was fecking brilliant.
  7. 2020 US Elections

    Good read that - of course Trump wants to play down Covid - it's robbing his hotels of customers.
  8. Paul Pogba | 2020/21 Performances

    This has to be down to him believing his own hype. I think he feels he's god's gift to a midfield and whenever he has the ball doing something simple isn't his first choice if there's a small chance trying to do something amazing is on. Why he doesn't realise it pretty much never happens is...
  9. Players you had forgotten existed

    Martin Palermo
  10. Newcastle United vs Manchester United

    I'd like to see Fred behind Bruno and VDB next match.
  11. Newcastle United vs Manchester United

    No Bruno?
  12. Should we consider selling Pogba?

    We should sell him at the first available opportunity. We should also drop him for the next match following his Madrid comments. I have had enough of Paul Pogba.
  13. 5 for the price of one Lukaku - could this be our most shrewd window post Fergie?

    That's a matter of opinion. Cavani fills a gap in my opinion...... that created by Martial..... I'll be very happy to see someone else at CF. Van de Beek should be filling the huge gap that appears every time Pogba starts..... Not sure why he isn't starting yet. Telles will surely fill one of...
  14. Transfer Tweets - 2020/21 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    Sancho now feels "undervalued and may look elsewhere"?? How precious.
  15. Ousmane Dembele

    He'll be Pogba the second. No thanks.