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    If I remember correctly they switched depending on opposition. - Maguire played every minute of every league match and I would guess majority of all the cup games, why do you think that is?
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    The fact is - no one in the team beside Maguire is capable to play at LCB which resulted in Maguire playing every game including Tranmere Rovers. The new LCB transfer first of all will give Maguire option to rest, and then we will see where it...
  • I feel that James was good in games that Pogba was good, maybe it shows that he can't create to much himself like Rashford and Martial but can play to a good standart in a team with functional midfield.
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    Lacking energy is mainly Pogba and Rashford, maybe Bruno too but not like those two, rest of them did okay. Fullbacks never really contribute offensively.
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    In my opinion it is not about fatigue, I mean the coaching staff would be the first to know if it is. It's just that Rashford and Pogba never got in any sort of form, coming back from the injury (today a rookie completely stopped Rashford). If...
  • more likely - promoted/relegated.
  • He plays as an 8 and contributes close to zero in offensive effort, never goes into the box, add to that that Frenkie de Jong is playing in the same position and doing that much better. Playing Arthur and de Jong together also didn't work out so...
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    A general question on loaning young players out: is it possible to loan lets say two players to the same club? and is it beneficial? I was thinking more in the direction of Garner and Levitt, they are a good partnership so it could be nice to...
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    I think Levitt is now playing as a DPL and Garner is the box2box with a good shot.