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  1. The disrespect of Nemanja Matic

    Probably our usual option for another year contract, so a 2+1 years.
  2. Bruno Fernandes | 2020 Performances

    Remember when Redcafe labels Bruno as another Gaitan? Search the transfer thread for Bruno and you will see Gaitan pops up at least a thousand times. They also thinks that he is an average player stats padding against Portuguese farmers. I spent so much time arguing against them I was fecking...
  3. Bruno Fernandes | 2020 Performances

    I knew he is the real deal we before signed him because I have never ever seen any Porto or Benfica fans talk so positively about a rival player. All of them also called him by far the best player in the Primeira Liga with no other player even coming close. Even then, he still manage to exceed...
  4. Barcelona in crisis after six directors resign in protest at way club is run

    Messi is on €1.3m per week, Griezmann €850k per week, Suarez €450k per week, De Jong €300k per week, Busquets €300k per week, Coutinho, Rakitic, Pique, Dembele and Umtiti are on €250k per week each, Roberto €200k per week, Vidal €180k per week, Alba and Ter Stegen €165k per week... And most of...
  5. Kai Havertz

    3 digits? Don't wanna brag but I might just have enough in my savings account to buy him.
  6. Donny van de Beek

    Lingard + Pereira started 9 and 18 PL games respectively, yet people are here complaining about us signing a player that is easily better than both of them combined? We have only scored 44 goals this season too, and anyone who watches our games would see that we are in a dire need of creativity...
  7. Odion Ighalo | 2020 Performances

    That's why it is so much better to sign an experienced striker who had a record of scoring goals in the PL before on loan instead of not signing any striker at all you miserable fecks.
  8. Unpopular opinion - Daniel James is not very good

    Chong is an absolutely useless player when compared to James. People keep talking about his "potential" but from what I have seen, he simply doesn't have it in him to ever become good enough for a decent PL side, let alone for us.
  9. Fact or Fiction: Jamie Redknapp "Man Utd turning good players into bad ones"

    So what? Not long ago Liverpool were turning the likes of Carroll, Downing, Lambert, C.Adam, Balotelli, Benteke etc into complete shite.
  10. Odion Ighalo - 6 month loan deal done

    Ignore the moaning guys. Even in Bruno’s thread there were tonnes of idiots moaning about how he is not good enough or how any farmer can get his stats in the Portuguese League. This place is dumb like that.
  11. Andreas Pereira | 2019/20 Performances

    He gets the ball in good positions often in a game, then completely wastes it by always choosing the worst possible option other than passing it straight to the opposition, which he also does a fair bit. Completely pointless player that shouldn't even be on the bench for a team looking for top...
  12. Bruno Fernandes | Signed

    Jimenez flopped in that league but is thriving in PL. In fact, Wolves who consists of mostly players from that "inferior" league you refer to is only 1 point behind us in the league and is also a team that we have failed to beat or even match in multiple attempts. Every single person who...
  13. Predict our final position - 19/20 season (Poll added)

    We are always in an injury crisis ever since SAF left. Our medical team is probably the worst in the world, no exaggeration at all. If you check our injury records for the past few seasons you will realize that we are always at the top of the league, with no other clubs even close to us. I think...
  14. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    I appreciate what Ole had done for us as well as the fact that he make us seems to have some kind of direction and philosophy in our signings. However, he really isn't cut out to be a top manager and yet people are too deluded to see this. We have became the Liverpool of the past that we used to...
  15. Takumi Minamino / signs for Liverpool. Transfer 1st January

    It's easy to look good playing for by far the best and richest team of the Austrian League that had won 6 league titles in a row and 10 titles in the last 13 years. Not denying his talent, but having a meltdown just because we missed out on his signing is pathetic. If he is as good as touted...