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  1. Alex Telles

    Anyone seen him play? Seems to have good stats for goals and assists which suggests very attacking.
  2. Ferran Torres / signed for City

    Are we sure they are not paying some of it offshore? Fee and wages? I would not put it past them.
  3. Benoît Badiashile

    Judging by just the YouTube vids I think he looks better (or at least his style) then Gabriel. He seems better on the ball.. Never seen either of them play at all so can't really comment further.
  4. Kai Havertz

    A neutral fan would not bloody pick Pulisic over Rashford which is why us Utd fans on a Utd forum think you guys are on the WUM.
  5. Charlie McNeill

    That's an awesome post. Great insight as ever Mr MUJAC. Nice to see you posting again in the Youth forum.
  6. Kingsley Coman

    Very interesting input JP. I've never really watched him but did not realise he was so highly rated. I usually look out for your opinions as its clear you talk sense and have a good understanding of football so will take your opinion and actively look out to watch him more. I just assumed he...
  7. Kai Havertz

    As other posters have stated above there's no guarantee we will get Sancho. Neither is there a guarantee Sancho would see his career out here if he did come. However you would expect there is more chance an Englishman will remain in England compared to a German wanting to go to Bayern. Bayern...
  8. Kai Havertz

    I could see Bayern coming back in for Havertz after a couple of seasons at Chelsea. That's one advantage over us going for Sancho instead.
  9. Tired....again

    No stats are required to be able to tell with eyes the team are knackered and you can tell the most with Bruno and I'd say Pogba also. The drop off in quality of Bruno's play has been massive. The mis controls, the unsuccessful poor passes etc. Fair play to the guy he's given absolutely everything.
  10. Charlie McNeill

    That's a bit harsh. Surely he's been around and visited a number of setups to be able to tell. Hell he may have played or coached at a decent level himself.
  11. Paul Pogba | 2019/20 Performances

    Just wondering if you are a fighter then I guess your instincts would be to raise your hands in self defence but as a professional outfield player is not your first instinct to duck? I just think he was caught out not fully concentrating and being ready to defend the free kick. He's getting a...
  12. Shaw is our best full back

    Any updates on if he can make Sunday? I would feel a lot more confident with him back in the team. Just gives us so much more down the left hand side.
  13. We finished 3rd: PL 2019/20

    Yes Shaw has been a massive miss. He was playing well too making lots of forward runs and giving us good balance. The only thing missing is the final ball at times but he gives everything else you would want in a modern fullback and defensively is strong. I wonder if there is any chance he can...
  14. Handball

    Was Smith's not more due to the way his leg was positioned against ground at point of impact? Can't remember properly. I once had a badly injured ankle from blocking a powerful shot due to that kind of situation.
  15. Handball

    Agree with Duffer and Pogue on this one. If anyone is scared to be hit then duck. Otherwise we would have all players doing a Suarez / Pogba best goalkeeper impressions and claiming self defence.