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  1. Raphael Varane.

    Offer Madrid £30m & Smalling in the morning. Just check how mad they are right now.
  2. Sky Sports cancels Sunday Supplement

    I’d quite enjoy a show with managers discussing the game... or recently available managers. I’d love to hear Sir Alex, Mourinho, Wenger, & Van Gaal, sitting down to discuss the week’s games. I appreciate there’s no way you get those 4, but I’d still be very happy with Howe, Pearson, Flores, & Silva.
  3. Eric Bailly | 2019/20 Performances

    I like Bailly, always have. If he could stay fit he’d be a fantastic option for us. He was first choice with Maguire in preseason this time last year, but then got injured. Lindelof is severely underrated by many United supporters too.
  4. Ander Herrera Revisited

    Jones has never been our POTY, and whilst we look great now without him, I think it’s incredibly unfair to group him with players like Jones.
  5. Apart from his passing, what did Smalling actually do wrong? And are you against him coming back next season?

    Didn’t say it was a valid indictment of the player, just that that was the perception surrounding him with the impact of VAR yet unknown.
  6. Apart from his passing, what did Smalling actually do wrong? And are you against him coming back next season?

    I think there was concern that in the VAR era, the way he used to grapple with forwards in the penalty area would cost us penalties. I haven’t seen enough of him this season to know if he’s ironed this out of his game.
  7. Would you take 4th place now?

    We have one game Our goal is Champion League Yes.
  8. 'Tactical' fouls

    Really, but Pogba’s first foul gets a yellow? We didn’t play particularly well, I think you deserved your win, and you’re far from the only team utilising this tactic successfully... but wise up, we don’t have to act hard to impress the referee.
  9. Premier League Gameweek 35-37 + FA Cup semis

    I’m not. We look tired, so no game will be easy... still, two 0-0s would have us back in the Champions League.
  10. Premier League Gameweek 35-37 + FA Cup semis

    Moyes & Mourinho doing it for United in this run in... gotta love it. Let’s just win out last 4 domestic games now. I’d even send the reserves to the Europa League after that to give the first team a summer break.
  11. Our POTY 2019/20

    This is very similar to how I see it.
  12. Our POTY 2019/20

    I’m seeing discussion about this in the Martial thread. I’m so proud of our team atm, but I don’t think there’s many who have performed consistently for the whole season. Fernandes has been brilliant since he arrived, but Matic’s impact since the turn of the year has been phenomenal too. That...
  13. Post match vs Southampton

    I wouldn’t bother, he’s clearly decided that we need a striker who can create and score all their chances while also creating for others. Ultimately none of us would turn that striker down, but we should pick up the goalkeeper who doesn’t concede goals while we’re at it.
  14. Post match vs Southampton

    Wait, the guy who got a brilliant individual goal, an assist, set Rashford up for another great chance... not to mention that the other two chances he had, he had to win the ball himself to create... this is the guy you’ve been warning about?
  15. Post match vs Southampton

    Martial chipped the goalkeeper one on one against Sheffield United, really wasn’t that many games ago. I appreciate you writing this, as that’s pretty much exactly the way I saw the game, but you come on hear afterwards & wonder if you were on the right channel.