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  1. Northern Ireland Thread

    Considering there’s over a thousand cases waiting to be looked at I’d assume they’re going to try and draw a line under it. Still doesn’t excuse state sponsored murder and collusion which is rarely mentioned in MSM.
  2. Northern Ireland Thread

    Give me that booze you little punkin pied haircutted freak :lol:
  3. Music What are we listening to?

  4. Northern Ireland Thread

    Anyone else get strong father Dougal vibes of Edwin Poots?
  5. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    Yes of course basically anybody got it from the Nazi’s even disabled or homosexual.
  6. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    Yes subhuman began with the Nazi’s in the Second World War when persecuting the Jews I believe.
  7. What do we still need? Aka The never ending story

    I don’t really know what we need but I think Jack Grealish has proven he is captain material and ripped up the league easily over the last two seasons, he could be a transformative player for us but that may come at a cost because we won’t sign big in other areas of the pitch like CB, MF, ST.
  8. Has the fans' protest cost us?

    Maguire is the drunk manc yob remember Greece?
  9. Has the fans' protest cost us?

    Of course we could lose the Europa league final it’s a bloody final in a cup against Emery a master at winning it. It’s up to us to go out and perform to the best of our ability but and Ole to get his tactics right.
  10. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    fecking dickhead Matic what the feck did you do that for ffs!
  11. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Naw that’s it there’ll be no more chances tonight.
  12. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Still a chance in this yet.
  13. Manchester United vs Liverpool

  14. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    This has been a strange game of football.