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  1. Raphael Varane | Signed for United!

    £34 million going up to 50 with add-ons. What a deal. Well done to whoever negotiated this.
  2. Christian Eriksen

    Defibrillator saves lives folks. As a cardiologist, we should have more AEDs in public spaces and educate people about CPR.
  3. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2021/22 Discussion

    Comment of the night.
  4. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2021/22 Discussion

    Lampard was a club legend, maybe at the same level as Ole is with us. Yet Chelsea did not succumb to sentiments which is the achilles’ heel in pursuing success and just went for the jugular and made the decision that was going to make them winners. Ole will be worried tonight, he will have had...
  5. Chelsea appoint Thomas Tuchel

    Wonder what Lampard must be feeling now. Tuchel took over, same set of players and bloody won them the Champions League. The manager is really really important. Sentiments are overrated. Say what you want about Abramovich but he surely knows how to get success.
  6. Are we going to be put back in our place next season?

    Completely agree. It is not just about players, it is about coaching and management. We certainly don’t buy “shit” players. The quality that we buy vs Liverpool and City is probably about the same but this comment of “oh City and Liverpool have bought better players” is usually made in...
  7. 4 years without a trophy

    Jose for all his faults, managed to get a group of at times disgruntled players to finish 2nd and win the EL. Ole needs to reflect on that. He is a nice man, but he needs to reflect on that painful truth.
  8. Villareal vs Manchester United

    Come on Dave, this is your time.
  9. Villareal vs Manchester United

    Sub Rashford, move Pogba to the left and bring VdB on to play next to McT
  10. Villareal vs Manchester United

    If Rashford wasn’t English, he would have been labelled as an overrated player by now.
  11. Harry Kane | Tells Spurs he wants to leave

    We have not won the league for 8 years. Not sure we will win it next year either. If he isn’t particularly fussed about history, tradition etc, then the sensible bet from his point of view to win something soon is to go to City. Those are the facts. If City win the Champions League then it will...
  12. Has the fans' protest cost us?

    Not won a game since the rescheduled Liverpool game. This is not good for momentum, which is key when you want to win stuff. For those who are asking “how on earth did the fans’ protests cost us?” , the (potential) domino effects are as follows: 1. We had to play the Liverpool game on a...
  13. Has the fans' protest cost us?

    Cost us momentum. And injuries. I am worried about the Europa League final.
  14. Has the fans' protest cost us?

    I agree with the overall principles of protest because it is needed to send a message. But, the way it was done that was so disruptive to the point that it led to the initial game vs Liverpool to be postponed AND also led to us having 4 games in quick succession has in my opinion cost us. I...