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  1. What's happened to De Gea?

    We should probably get Henderson back and get him to fight for top spot but he should not be a guaranteed starter.
  2. What's happened to De Gea?

    Sorry, I was referring to your quote that he has statistically made more errors than 90% of the goalkeepers in the league. I cannot find this stat. Not sure if it is true. I am aware that he has made more errors this year and last (3 and 4) compared to the previous years combined. As per my...
  3. What's happened to De Gea?

    Ha. Nice. I just checked official premier league stats. How many errors do you think that De Gea has made that has led to a goal since he arrived in 2011/2012? Thirteen. In 9 years he has made 13 errors in the Premier League that has directly led to a goal. That is just around 1 and a bit a...
  4. What's happened to De Gea?

    Agreed. He doesn't need to be flawless, he needs to have an excellent season. He will make mistakes as they all do.
  5. What's happened to De Gea?

    Interesting, I did not know this. Care to share your source for this stat? (as I find it slightly surprising)
  6. What's happened to De Gea?

    I think the opposite question is more useful - why do we want to get rid of him? Is it because he made errors (who doesn't?) ? Opposition teams would love for us to get rid of DDG as they know how good he is. Are we certain that bar Allison and Ederson, there is someone else who is better...
  7. What's happened to De Gea?

    Ok I hate to do this but these are just his saves from this year. We need to be very careful what we wish for.
  8. What's happened to De Gea?

    Yes. DDG would also remind us that he was probably the only one performing when we were really struggling. Remember those days of Smalling and Jones at centre half? Absolutely awful. I am in no doubt that we would have finished bottom half of the table on at least one occasion if DDG was not...
  9. What's happened to De Gea?

    The only keepers I think who are for sure better than De Gea are Allison and Ederson. I do not think Henderson is better than De Gea, he is in better form maybe, but not a better overall goalie. We will regret our decision if we let go of De Gea now. If Henderson went to say, Spurs and have a...
  10. Daniel James | 2019/20 Performances

    He has had an okay first season. There are lots of areas to improve on - he needs to build up his physique, he is a Kagawa waiting to happen, all the skills but no strength, shooting needs to improve as he has not scored enough, decision making also needs to improve as he still makes wrong...
  11. What's happened to De Gea?

    I have a different view. I think he is going through what I call "the Martial phase". When we first bought Martial, he was very good. Then he tapered off for at least 18 months, maybe more. The odd good performances here and there but nothing consistently special. Then all of a sudden he is now...
  12. Manchester United vs Bournemouth

    Surely Romero should start next game now?
  13. Manchester United vs Bournemouth

    I am off for 5 minutes!
  14. Manchester United vs Bournemouth

    This. Missus asking for a quickie, should I go or should I stay and watch this til the end. Both equally (potentially) rewarding.
  15. Manchester United vs Bournemouth

    Bruno - already a legend.