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  1. Brendan Rodgers - Leicester City manager

    Massively underrated as a manager. Let’s not make the same mistake again and be emotive about our analysis re: Rodgers i.e. “Oh he is a bit of a plonker etc2” - these are individual preferences, some people like his personality some people do not. In the same way some people think certain...
  2. How can Ole be this bad?

    It’s because at this level, for a club of THIS magnitude, sentiments should NOT be a consideration in decision making. Decisions should be made objectively, no matter how hard it looks on paper. The club ignored this bit of the analysis when they appointed him, because if they did, they would...
  3. Leicester City vs Manchester United

    This month we will be battered again and again and again. We won’t get any points from the next few fixtures. Ole needs to be sacked in the morning.
  4. Leicester City vs Manchester United

    Ole does not look like he knows how to fix this. I hate this, so so bad.
  5. Leicester City vs Manchester United

    Ole should be sporting director, he is just not good at coaching. He is good at building long-term spirit bla bla bla but tactically and coaching wise he is inept. This is painful to watch and not enjoyable. I hate this, and will now be turning off the tele.
  6. Leicester City vs Manchester United

    Maguire has not woken up yet.
  7. Cavani is not respected enough around here

    As a focal point in attack, he is better than Ronaldo. There I've said it. Ronaldo is a better goal scorer, but Cavani is a better number 9 I think.
  8. Manchester United vs Villarreal

    Ole to be sacked soon me thinks
  9. Manchester United vs Villarreal

    Dalot thinks he is Cafu but he isn’t.
  10. Post match vs Aston Villa

    Absolutely. During SAF’s time you can get away with “man management” and hoping for individual brilliance to do the job week in week out. But in the modern game, every team now is pretty good so to have the edge you need to be brilliant tactically. The other issue is United are so obsessed with...
  11. Next Manager

    We need a manager who can implement a system. That is usually (not always) a German, Dutch or an Italian. This is due to their footballing heritage and intelligence.
  12. Post match vs Aston Villa

    Ole is a nice guy who was just lucky. When you remove sentiments and emotions, he is tactically not a good manager. That is the truth. Good man manager, but not a good tactician. And you need that at this level.
  13. Manchester United vs Aston Villa

  14. 4 years without a trophy

    Ole out
  15. Manchester United vs Aston Villa

    Ole out. I am sorry but he is out of his depth.